The human body is amazing. It can pretty much detox itself if you step out of the way and stop stuffing it with more toxins. There are a few things you can do to aid the body, but one does not need to go out and buy the latest two-week kit or four-week kit, nor go on a fruit only, or juice only, or water only fast.

God made our bodies to eliminate toxins through (and this is not an exhaustive list):

  • the lungs
  • the skin
  • the kidneys
  • the liver
  • the blood
  • the lymph system
  • the intestinal tract

They just all naturally do it without you even thinking about it. Things you can do to help your body detox are mostly pretty much common sense, but it never fails to amaze me what I and others do to sabotage their own health.

What you can do to assist your own body in detoxing:

  • Eliminate/reduce exposure to and consumption of toxins
  • Drink plenty of good water
  • Exercise
  • Eat fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods
  • Reduce stress
  • Sweat
  • Get adequate rest and sleep
  • Deep breathing
  • Joy of living
  • Reduce sugar and processed foods dramatically
  • Lose Weight

Really, a chapter could be written on each of the above, but I will let the brevity suffice for now.

It is impossible and too stressful to change everything all at once, even if we knew all the right things to do.  And stress is not good.  So healthy living should be thought of more as a work in progress. I will just share a couple of ideas.

One change I did recently was replace the plastic shower curtain in the hall bathroom with a non-toxic cloth one. I had never even thought of this before, but learned that when the bathroom gets all hot and steamy the PCB’s are released. Yuck.

Another thing we changed was our tuna buying habits. In the past we would buy a huge amount of cellophaned-together-cans-of-tuna from Costco, which Husband and I fondly refer to as Tuna Towers. However, it came to my attention that big fish are bad (like shark & swordfish-they even sound bad), and tuna because most tuna we eat are big tuna’s (like Jim from The Office). And big fish are bad because they are so high on the food chain that they eat smaller fish that are chemical ridden who ate even smaller fish that are chemical ridden, and so forth. There is tongol tuna, a smaller tuna, which is safer. Trader Joes and Whole Foods used to carry it, but it has been harder to find this past year, and it is more expensive than Tuna Towers. At first this was a hard sell to husband, who thinks at times that health=empty pocket, but this has become a moot issue anyway since tongol is so difficult to find now. But if you happen to come across it, buy it.

Another idea very easy to implement I got from my niece Angela who posted it on Facebook a couple of months ago.  Put the peel of an orange into a mason or pickle jar, cover with white vinegar, cover with tight lid, and let it sit for 10 days.  Then drain, and funnel into a spray bottle for a nice surface cleaner. One caveat: Longer isn’t better with orange peel and vinegar.  I left mine in for at least three weeks, kind of forgetting about it.  When I went to strain it, it was moldy, foul smelling, and well, unusable.  I am making more today. If I remember.  (It’s all those toxins fault).

Soon I plan on getting a few more houseplants. Boston ferns, spider plants and English ivy are supposed to be very good for purifying the air in a home. I also read recently that Areca palms are too, but I am not sure what they are yet.

Because we are constantly bombarded with chemicals and toxins it is becoming more important to take steps to protect ourselves.  One step at a time…

What are you doing to detoxify?  What are you going to do?

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