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A few years ago we decided to start living instead of watching other people live on TV.  So Husband bought tickets to four concerts that year.  I can sense your curiosity so…

The first concert we went to was Buffalo Springfield at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I wasn’t too excited about seeing him; I couldn’t even name one song he had sung.  I just figured that maybe he was Dusty Springfield’s brother.  Hearing that Neil Young was going to play that night sweetened the deal a bit, me being a long time fan of him.  I kept asking questions like how many songs do you think Neil is going to do, like two? and Husband kept answering me, “no, more than two”, but we just weren’t connecting mentally somehow. This went on for weeks until I think the night of the concert. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Buffalo Springfield was a band, not a man, and that Neil Young was one of the founding members, and played the whole concert.  He was amazing.  You could just feel audience relish each song with immense enjoyment.

Next was Allison Kraus and her band at the Greek Theatre. It wasn’t really my kind of music, but it was very enjoyable in the night air under the stars listening to great musicians.

Peter Frampton, at the Greek Theatre also, celebrating his 35th anniversary of something or other, I think his live album, was the third concert. Now Peter Frampton is a quite a good entertainer and showman.  That was a positive.  The background was a video of goofy kaleidoscope images and photo album-type pictures of Peter. That was a negative.  His son came out and played an awesome song with him.  Positive.  Many of the other songs were dated and the concert lasted too long. Negative. After about two-thirds through I was ready to go home and finish living there, but it was still fun.

The last of the four was again at the Greek Theatre. Totally awesome.  It was like the perfect storm except in a wonderful way.  My favorite kind of music (rock and roll); my favorite kind of people with us (my sister Leslie and her family from visiting from Albuquerque, two of my children, and one of their friends); one of Husband’s and my all-time-favorite music artist, Dave Mason, who played my all-time-favorite song, “All Along the Watchtower”; and a few other very entertaining musicians who played mostly recognizable songs from the late 60’s and early 70’s, Rick Deringer, Young Rascals, and Mark Farner. It was called, I don’t know how accurately, HippyFest, although everywhere you looked there was tie dye.  I was going to wear a leather jacket with fringes going down the sleeves, but I never found one which isn’t surprising because I rarely go shopping.

We have done some fun living since then, and Husband and I have made more of an effort to live, although like with everything else, we keep finding ourselves falling back into old ways. Then we have to remind ourselves, and right the ship.  Anyway, my hope is that if you are stuck in a rut of sitting on your butt (hey, that last phrase could be in a Dr. Seuss book) watching other people live interesting lives on TV, that you will brainstorm what you can do to really live. This can sound narcissistic, but I am not meaning it to.  I am only suggesting turning off the TV and doing something.



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