Eggplant Tincture for Skin Cancer

Updated: April 20, 2019

Say what? Yes, you read that right. Eggplant tincture may be an easy, effective alternative to other skin cancer treatments.

Homemade eggplant tincture is something you may want to try if you have been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or a precancerous condition called actinic keratosis. No kidding. I told my dermatologist about this and he asked me for the recipe.

Three months earlier he had wanted to biopsy a spot on my nose that he thought might be squamous cell carcinoma, my poor nose that had previously been carved up due to Moh’s surgery for a basal cell carcinoma in a different area. And he was also concerned about suspect spots on my bottom lip and temple area, and wanted to biopsy them. I bargained with my dermatologist to give me 3 months to try an alternative treatment. He agreed, and like I mentioned above, he was pleasantly surprised when I came back and he saw that there was no longer anything to biopsy.

Admittedly, this is anecdotal. And I cannot remember where I saw the idea to make homemade eggplant tincture. I have only been able to find a little research validating its use. But basically, the eggplant contains phytochemicals called solasodine glycoalkaloids, which is toxic to cancer cells, but does not affect normal tissue.

Eggplant tincture is simple and inexpensive to make. And it only targets cancer cells so healthy tissue remains unaffected. Remarkable stuff !!!


Eggplant Tincture Recipe

1 organic purple eggplant chopped, then placed in a jar
organic apple cider vinegar, enough to cover chopped eggplant
Refrigerate, shake the jar at least one time daily.
Strain off liquid after 5-6 days. Keep the liquid. Store the liquid in a jar in the refrigerator.
It will keep for months in the refrigerator.


How to Use to Treat Cancerous or Precancerous Lesions with Eggplant Tincture

Some people dip a piece of cotton ball into the tincture and adhere it to the lesion with a bandaid. This method seems to work better and faster, but this can be unsightly depending on where the lesion is, so I sometimes prefer my method, which is applying the liquid directly to the lesion at least one time daily, but preferably more frequently, allowing it to dry in between applications. This is most easily accomplished by setting out a small measuring spoon full of it on the bathroom counter or on the side table where you sit in the evenings, and reapplying it throughout the day or evening, whenever it dries and you think of it. Consistency with application is crucial with this.

Update 12/14/18: The essential oil Frankincense seems to increase the effectiveness of the eggplant tincture, working in conjunction with it. You might try applying Frankincense, diluted appropriately in a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or olive oil, to the lesion 1-2 times a day in addition to the eggplant tincture. Frankincense is known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as other healthful qualities, so it would only stand to reason that it would be beneficial.

The Big Guns: BEC5 Cream (aka Curaderm)

While the eggplant tincture can be effective, BEC5 cream, aka Curaderm, is stronger, but the mechanism is the same: derivatives from eggplant. It also contains acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) added to help penetrate the tissue. (Question: why would we want to ingest aspirin???) Anyway, I tried the Curaderm on a weird spot on my forearm, and it created quite a large and scary crater, which gradually stopped enlarging and started healing. I watched it carefully for signs of infection, and took heart from this very interesting video that shows one man chronologically detailing the process. (I highly recommend watching this.)

At the same time that I started treating my arm, I also tried Curaderm on my bottom lip, which had been diagnosed with actinic chelitis (lip precancer) and totally burned the h*ll out of it. So, I discontinued treating this delicate area and went to my naturopathic doctor who informed me that the lips only have about 3 layers of skin while the rest of non-mucosal body skin has about 15.  Live and learn!

While I would use Curaderm if necessary again, I think the Eggplant Tincture is the place to start. I highly recommend it. I purchased it online; I could not find it in any store.

If you try it, you will have to let me know how well Curaderm works for you.

The Discovery of Eggplant Tincture Was Exciting News To Me

Before I ever heard about Curaderm or the eggplant tincture, I had already gone through other treatments for multiple lesions on my face including cryotherapy, which is burning the lesion off with liquid nitrogen; two different topical chemotherapy creams, 5-fluorouracel (5-FU) and Imiquimod; and Moh’s surgery. The latter one, was for a particularly stubborn lesion, a basal cell carcinoma at the end of my nose, that then required plastic surgery to fill in the large hole left when all of the cancerous cells were cut away. A zigzag was cut from the bridge of my nose down to the tip to close the gap. Needless to say this was all very traumatic. I think it could have been avoided had I known about the Eggplant Tincture.

Anecdotal, but…

One of my sisters tried the eggplant tincture for a precancerous lesion on her face and after a few weeks of using it daily, usually multiple applications (on average about 6 times daily), the lesion fell off and has not returned. It also left no scar. More recently, with another lesion, this same sister applied the eggplant tincture, again about 6 times a day, then after 5 days the lesion flaked off. And since then the skin has a normal appearance.

My experience with the eggplant tincture has varied. I have had several different types of lesions, from precancerous ones to ones that were thought to maybe have been basal cell carcinoma and squamous cells, as well as other little weird spots on my face, lower arms, and legs. (Multiple sunburns and hours upon hours at the beach and by the pool, growing up in Southern California with fair skin, no less, all contributed to my lesion propensity I am sure.)

Anyway, the different lesions I had have responded in a variety of ways with the application of the eggplant tincture, some of them faster while others were much more gradual. Some flaked off, others just gradually disappeared. A couple returned, but then healed after restarting my regimen with the tincture. Because some returned, I strongly advise continuing the treatment for a few weeks afterward to better ensure that all of the precancerous or cancerous cells are gone.

Different Types of Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most diagnosed of all skin cancers and it is the least deadly. It is rarely metastasizes, but can extend deep and wide into the local tissues if not treated, causing disfigurement or worse; and it can be slow or fast growing depending on its subtype. BCC’s develop in the epidermal basal cells.

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common malignant skin cancer. Invasive, it starts in the epidermis then penetrates to the dermis and metastasizes to the nearby lymph nodes. SCC can also have slow or rapid growth depending on the type.

BCC and SCC are less aggressive and more easily cured than the dreaded malignant melanoma.

Malignant melanoma, on the other hand, progresses rapidly and is metastatic. It originates in the melanocytes or other cells producing melanin, thus it could appear in places such as the brain, gastrointestinal tract, eyes, and lymph nodes.

***IMPORTANT: Please note: Eggplant tincture and BEC5 cream are not a recommended treatments for melanoma, which is often deadly.

Above image from

Skin Structures & Other Interesting Skin Tidbits

To understand skin cancer better you may want to know a little bit about the different layers of skin.

One does not usually think of skin as being an organ, yet it is and it is the largest organ of the body. More inclusively, it is part of the integumentary system (skin), which includes other things like nails and hair as well as sebaceous (oil) and sweat glands. Sebaceous glands secrete a fatty substance called sebum into the hair follicles, which helps protect the skin from drying out and from harmful bacteria.

Basically the skin is divided into major three layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue.

The epidermis, the outer layer, consists of keratinocytes (95%), in fact 5 different layers; and melanocytes (5%).

Melanocytes, as the name suggests, secretes melanin, and this is where malignant melanoma can originate. Most of the melanin in the human body is found in the skin and determines ones skin color; the more the melanin, the darker the skin color. And when exposed to sunlight melanogenesis is triggered causing the skin to darken (suntan). However, there are also some melanin in different parts of the body such as the medulla & brainstem, the adrenal gland, the iris of the eye, hair, and inner ear.

An albino is someone who is producing little or no melanin. There is no known cure for this.

Incidentally, vitiligo is a similar problem where various patches of skin lose their ability to produce melanin. It is not known exactly what causes this condition, but it is currently thought by many to be largely of an autoimmune nature. Dr. Steven Gundry, reports in his book, The Plant Paradox, that one client of his had his vitiligo resolved after following his program, which involves eating lower lectin foods, as well as making other dietary changes. Gundry also claims he has good results with his diet helping people heal from cancer.

Some Other Things You Should Be Doing for Healthy Skin

I think it is important to say here that you cannot indulge in a junky diet that is high in sugar and carbohydrates, eat processed foods, fried foods and other unhealthy fats like vegetable oils (canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, etc); drink too much alcohol, smoke, be a couch potato, and otherwise live an unhealthy lifestyle, and expect that your body will be able to effectively heal from cancer or anything else. It is essential that you eat a nutritious diet, including healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocados; a lot of colorful vegetables and maybe a little fruit; a moderate amount of quality protein; plus keep well-hydrated with filtered water. Also, avoid toxic skin care products and other toxin exposure like environmental, get plenty of exercise, try to reduce stress levels, and get adequate amounts of sleep.

As for toxic skin care products, this is an important issue to consider and rectify as soon as possible if you are still using them. By the time an average man or woman in the United States walks out the door each day with 80 to more than 160 chemicals on their face and body. Many of them can cause infertility, hormone disruption, cancer, and be detrimental to health in other ways. I advise that you check out this Environmental Working Group (EWG) site for great information on the safety of the products you use.

One company, Beautycounter, has a “Never List” of over 1500 ingredients that they will never use. I am a consultant with this company because it is so reputable, and I invite you to check out their make-up and skin products here. Beautycounter products are not only healthy and safe, but they are also of high quality and really work.  Update 4/20/19: CBS News just featured Beautycounter in an interesting news segment about the lack of regulation in the personal care industry. This short clip from that segment is very informative and worth checking out.

Bottom Line

There is a lot you can do to protect your skin health. My passion is alternative, natural treatments to all health problems.  I am constantly on the lookout and researching non-pharmaceutical solutions to health concerns. I gravitate to those things that are simple, effective, natural, easy, and often inexpensive. However, there are times when medications and surgery may be the best options. Make sure you get appropriate evaluations and treatment.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be medical advice. I recommend that you try Eggplant Tincture only after a diagnosis by a dermatologist, and with his blessing. And of course, if you experience any alarming signs or symptoms, obtain medical treatment.


If you are interested in working with me as a health coach, please contact me here. I offer a free consultation so we can determine whether or not it would be beneficial to work together. Or sign up for my weekly email newsletter to get to know me better and hear about more cool information on health and wellness.


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Eggplant Cures Skin Cancer

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YouTube Interview with Ty Bollinger and Jonathan Wright about BEC-5 cream




98 thoughts on “Eggplant Tincture for Skin Cancer

  1. I am not sure that what you made is an actual “tincture” as I thought tincture are extracted from plants via alcohol not vinegar?


    1. Thanks for your question, Norm. I think if you don’t strain out the eggplant it might grow mold. Another reason it might be better not to just blend the whole thing up and have a mixture with more body would be that when you apply it to your face or other part of your body it would be more noticeable. As it is, I can apply layer after layer and it isn’t noticeable.

      1. I started using this for bcc on my lower eyelid down under about 3.5mm round on 4-25-19 now it is 5-14-19 and bcc is 95% Gone, dissolved to be wiped away with a Q-tip soaked in mixture of acv, eggplant, 2 drops frankincense oil into a 1 ml syringe to apply to Q- tip and wet growth 6 to 10x per day
        I blended together and just took a spoon of mix and strained into a glass jar for each day use
        Sure beat the $17500 removal than reconstruction of my face dr wanted
        God bless

  3. Hi-I was just researching if the curaderm was stronger/more effective than the homemade remedy which I have tried off and on yet consistently when I do it, for the last couple of years!! Yes-years for an actinic keratosis and it just keeps coming back! The last batch I have left the eggplant in hoping it would be stronger and only take out a small batch at a time from the refrigerator and there has been no mold. I am about to invest in the curaderm and hope it takes care of it for good!

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Yes, I know from experience that Curaderm is much stronger than eggplant tincture. I have found that the eggplant tincture works the best if multiple layers are applied. Usually I do a couple in the morning and then a few more while watching TV in the evening, waiting until each layer dries before applying the next. Then I think it is a prudent idea to continue the use for several weeks after any visible signs are gone to ensure that all the precancerous or cancerous cells are gone.

      You will have to give me an update how Curaderm works for you.

  4. I made a concotion similar to this (can’t seem to find the original online recipe) – was more of a poultice using eggplant and apple cider vinegar. Added raspberry extract, frankincense and myrhh.

    MY father had multiple areas of malignant skin cancer – most notably on top of his head – where there was a deep ravine – raw and angry looking.

    MY father applied this twice a day with a bandage on top for only a week and a half – he had a family funeral to attend abroad – the results were amazing. Honestly the skin was repaired to the point (after only 10 days) where he was left with a red mark where the lesions had been.

    Miraculous stuff.

    1. Nigel,
      Thanks for your comment. The results your father had are amazing! I think adding frankincense and myrrh are a great idea. But where do you get raspberry extract?
      I would also like to know more about how he applied it, like a little glop covered with a bandage to keep it in place?

  5. I used the DIY tincture for a few spots on my chest that were either actinic keratosis or squamous cell. I applied as you suggested and within 6 days the spots are much smaller, scabbed over and healing well! Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. HC, that is great news! Thank you for sharing. I advise you to continue the treatment for a couple of months to make sure all the rogue abnormal cells are taken care of. Also, avoid toxins and stress, get plenty of rest, consider intermittent fasting, and for sure eat plenty of phytonutrients to further support your health and immune system.

  6. Hi Vanessa,
    Thank you for this information. Just wanted to ask you how the spot you were treating is doing.? I’ve read Rebecca’s post that her AK is coming back. That made me feel bad. I had Bcc 8 years ago on my nose. I treated it with backing soda protocol for 6 month. Now I was diagnosed with Bcc on my back and a Scc on my cheek. This Diagnosis made me feel scared and hopeless. I got scared of Scc because it can spread. I was looking for the Eggplant treatment. I just made a paste of an eggplant added ACV and applied it this way To my Scc. It would be nice to have some at least naturopath doctor who would know the stages of the treatment and would watch over the progress. But,as 8 years ago you are on your own through trials and arrows. When did you consider that it is enough to treat the spot? How many times per day did you apply the tincture? Did you use something else and did the spot is staying healthy till now. Thank you

    1. Hi LZ, yes, any kind of cancer can be scary. I have not heard of a baking soda protocol, but would love to hear more. As for the eggplant tincture treatment, I think it works best if applied multiple times a day. I have found that it works pretty gradually though. I had all of my lesions disappear, but a few returned to a lesser degree and responded quickly when I started the eggplant treatment again. That is why I advise continuing with the treatment for about a month after all signs are cleared up to make sure all of the rogue cancer cells are eradicated. I think it would be a good idea to consult with your dermatologist to see if he will give you a short trial period with the alternative eggplant tincture treatment, and then re-evaluate your lesions to check the effectiveness of it. You also might want to consider trying the Curaderm cream, which is much stronger. It is also more expensive. Best wishes for great health.

      1. Vanessa,
        Thank you for your reply. When I did baking soda I did it for 6 month. Though not that often after a tumor got out. I read somewhere that you have to continue until the area stoped scabbing. It did not come back for 8 years . Now it is back but in different places The Scc scared me the most, my Dermatoligist wants surgery. He is not for alternative treatment. I read that the surgery is a golden standard for SCC and BCC.

  7. I’m using the eggplant tincture with a q tip 6 to 10 times a day on the side of my nose near my eye. It is not drying or scabbing after a few days and I will continue to us it till my derm appt. in ten days when I am scheduled fir a biopsy. So far all I see is a white Pussy red patch.

    1. Anita, I think somehow I missed seeing your comment. How is the lesion on the side of your nose doing? Did the eggplant tincture work?

  8. Vanessa
    I have a small area of bcc on my right mid chest area. The Dr just found it and wants to do Moh’s surgery. I read a lot about the alternative treatment of the eggplant tincture. I just mixeed up a batch and will do that and go back to the Dr for a check up in a couple of months. After I strain and keep the liquid do I continue to refrigerate it?

    1. Hello!
      I have a deep lesion on my upper lip and am waiting on biopsy results. What did you do about the spot on your lip?

  9. Vanessa,
    I have started the eggplant tincture and will update you wth my progress. How long does the liquid stay fresh for once drained and kept refrigerated? And how does my dermatologist check the area to see if it’s clear of bcc? Do they need to do another biopsy?

    1. Linda, the tincture lasts at least a few months if kept refrigerated, and in contaminated. The latter can be accomplished by not dipping your finger into the jar to apply. Instead, pour a small amount into a container like a teaspoon for the daily use. After you think the lesion is healed you can return to the dermatologist to have it evaluated. In my case the lesions were just gone, and there was nothing to see.

        1. I don’t know for how long it is potent or how long one should keep it. I only keep mine for a few months.

  10. Vanessa
    I am regularly applying the tincture. What is the visual progress of the treated area? It had flared up a bit and is sensitive. Is that normal? Also I have a small actinic keratosis spot on my upper chest area. Should I apply the tincture to this area as well?
    Thanks for your time,

  11. Vanessa,
    I am now on the third day of my treatment with the eggplant tincture for a basil carcinoma on my forehead.. Applying it through the day. Is it too soon to see any kind of change?

    1. Hi Lori, it seems to vary quite a bit on how fast different lesions will respond. I would say 3 days might be too early for most to heal enough to show. However, I hope that you are under the care of a dermatologist. Let me know how it goes!

    1. It seems to vary considerably. Continue to watch the lesion. If you develop any alarming symptoms such as signs of infection or worsening, please have it checked out immediately.

  12. Hi I don’t have insurance and I have a large mole that has developed over the last 3-4 years and have had many sleepless nights over it … I wasn’t too concerned till I read about melanoma and it scared me but have been too afraid to go to the doctor and now I don’t have any insurance so a doctor is not an option for me… my husband found your tincture recipe so I am doing that hoping it will work… it is scabbing and part fell off and it seems pretty deep but I’m determined to keep trying cause like I said a doctor is not an option with no insurance and we are not rich in the least…

    1. Hi Darlene, I cannot emphasize too strongly that you should not treat any lesion with the Eggplant Tincture without it first being evaluated by a dermatologist. I urge you to get this mole checked as soon as possible. I am sorry that lack of funds and fear have prevented you so far, but you really need to find a way. ~Vanessa

  13. Thanks so much for this article. I have a spot on my nose that kept bleeding intermittently. I finally went to a dermatologist and the PA thinks it is BCC but put off the biopsy because I can’t take epinephrin so needed more time. Anyway, I immediately came home and put a green tea bag on my nose and it definitely has changed it. It actually looks a little larger around but lighter. I’m on day 2 and am hoping that will work enough to make the biopsy unnecessary. I have 13 more days. But now I think I will try this, as well. Maybe alternate. Do you have any thoughts on this? I know I won’t really know which one is working but I don’t much care so long as it is healed!

    1. Well, for one thing, the eggplant tincture takes about six days to “brew”, so I don’t think that you have enough time before you are due for the biopsy. Secondly, it tends to work more gradually anyway, from my experience. As for the green tea bag, I have not experimented with that. Good luck with your treatments. I wish you the best.

  14. Hi- have been battling basil cells for years and literally have been cut up for years. I have a basil cell carcinoma in back of my ear that the largest yet. Have been treating it with cayenne, frankincense and other essential oils for months. See a liitle change but not much
    Saw your website and ordered a tube of cursaderm. I’ll let you know how it does. Fingers crossed. Don’t want anymore surgery’s.

  15. Hiya. I have a metastatic scc on the side of my neck, with a large ugly lision on the external. And a growth lodged between my jugular and carotid veins. Cant afford the cream. Will the egg plant work in my case? Kym

    1. Kym, I am sorry, but I cannot advise on this except to say that you need to work with a dermatologist in person. And ASAP.

      I almost deleted this comment because it sounds too far-fetched, but just in case it is legit, I want everyone to be reminded that cancer is dangerous and you need to work with a qualified medical professional.

  16. Hi Vanessa
    I have Langerhans cell histiocitisis. It is in the underarm and chest. I have been using the eggplant tincture. I use only the skin and very little pulp of the eggplant to make the tincture as suggested by my doctor. Any suggestions would help. I have been using it for last two months.

  17. Hello Vanessa,
    I am so happy to find this recipe I can make at home. I saw the ingredients for some of some products that say they can get rid of the skin tag I have on my neck. I am a little confused how to prepare it.
    After cutting up the eggplant do I apply a slice of eggplant that has been soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar?

    1. Kathy, please reread the article for directions on how to prepare. However, I have not ever heard that Eggplant Tincture works for skin tags. Make sure you get a medical diagnosis.

  18. WOW, just found your fabulously researched and put together webpage. I feel encouraged now, able to continue on my healing journey in a natural way. Frankinsense oil alone has not been successful. Thank you sooo much. I will report back!

      1. I have an SCC mole inSITU (7mmx5mm/ on trunk), according to biopsy. Scary stuff. Has me really frightened. So many ‘what if’s’; you begin to look at all ailments thru the lens of a cancer diagnosis. With so much information out there, and conspiracy theories about the Medical Industrial Complex, it’s hard to sort out the truth. In the end I think I’ll have to trust Western Medicine, as there seems to be more science backing up the approach. Yet, it’s clear that alternative approaches can be effective.

        I have an excision scheduled for next week, in the meantime I’m trying the eggplant tincture. It’s only been ‘stewing’ for three days, (but pretty brown already).

        Is there any danger in using early, or opening mixture? Also, is there any risk applying tincture to a mole that was shaved for biopsy and scabbed over?

        I like your blog. Sincere and well executed. I wish everyone the very best.


  19. Hello Vanessa, I live in italy and I was diagnosed with a Bcc on my right eyelid. Some doctors suggest me to use Vismodegib (chemioterapy) but now I’m trying to use the eggplant tinture. My only problem is that the bcc is near my eye. So I’m doing some pack/compress.

  20. You might want to look at this article (where I found the following paragraph from). I’m thinking of juicing the eggplant, and mixing it with holostic lotion/cream, adding some frankincense EO, calendula EO, lavendar EO, and white willow bark (for pain). The EOs (essential oils) are known for healing the skin and the WWB is a natural form of Salicylic acid (the original Curaderm cream has this as one of its ingredients). I personally don’t think that the vinegar method is the way to go. I think that the eggplant would need to be mixed with a fat/liposome for best delivery. I’m making this cream for my hubby who keeps getting skin cancer and has had painful surgeries to scoop out the skin cancer.

    The amount of BEC in Curaderm is very small. One average-sized egg plant fruit (300g) contains the same amount of BEC as 60 tubes of Curaderm! Thus, Curaderm-BEC is safe as shown by the many published studies.

    1. Thank you for this info. I will look into it. As for the salicylic acid, I read this this ingredient is in Curaderm to improve penetration of the ingredients. I am wondering if the white willow bark will have the same effect.
      I am interesting in knowing how your cream works for your husband. Again, thanks for adding to the conversation.

    2. Janet,
      Can you explain in detail how you juiced the eggplant? surely not in a juicer, correct? I was thinking of vitamix and then nut bag…..then boil down and add shea butter and maybe bees wax to make lotion?

      Am I on the right tract? my hubby has some scary spots and of course won’t see a doctor.

      1. Please read the article again. And try to talk your husband into getting his spots professionally evaluated. Some skin cancers are deadly, others can be disfiguring.

      2. I juiced 3 small eggplant fruits in a regular juicer (Jack LaLane). You don’t have to be so perfect using a nutriblender, vitamix blender, nutbag, etc, but you could do it that way all the same. Just juice it. Boil it down till you have about only like 10% of the liquid left on low heat, let it cool and then mix with a holistic cream. My husband is totally skin cancer free now. No scars at the site where he put the eggplant cream I made. Only skin cancer scar is from where the docs took a chunk of flesh out on another area of his back where he had skin cancer and before we tried my homemade eggplant cream on the other main site of his cancer. After you apply it to the site, expect the area to form a sort of circle around the site of the skin cancer and to make an indentation (its’ eating away at the skin cancer and regenerating the new skin). It may itch and burn a bit after a few days of applying it. That’s probably when you need to let up on putting the eggplant cream on then and allow the skin to heal. New flesh will fill in and no scar will be present. We saves hundreds of dollars doing it this way vs having more surgery for him. Worked like a charm. Would do it again if necessary. I passed my recipe on to others on Facebook. I had no idea how many people suffer from skin cancer until all of this. Namaste.

  21. Hello Vanessa:

    My dad has been diagnosed with BCC on the tip of his nose (by biopsy). The dermatologist recommends Mohs surgery (of course). We want to let him try the eggplant tincture first.

    I want to know what is the usual visual response when applying eggplant tincture to BCC. Right now the BCC is a little bump on his nose. Will applying eggplant tincture create an open wound during the treatment process? Or applying the eggplant tincture multiple times daily will help treat the BCC without open wound. Is the area going to turn red and inflame ? We don’t know what to expect so want to know what usually will happen when applying eggplant tincture to BCC?

    Ivy Poon

    1. I have heard of the eggplant tincture responding in several ways. Sometimes the lesion gradually disappears, other times it flakes off. I have never seen any become red and inflamed. That would be concerning to me. Infection? Allergic reaction?

      1. I have been using the egg plant tincture April 25th I have reduced at 3/8 of an inch tumor right under my left eye directly touching lid, the egg plant make it-red and falls off, it is not a problem I have a hole where the tumor once was and that is fillings itself with new flesh and now I am just removing the last of the cancer from my eye lid
        It’s a slow process but better than a knife
        The tumor is 95% gone but it’s still trying to hold on so just be patient and diligent apply to growth 6 to 10 x a day ( I put 2 drops frankincense oil in 1 ml tincture) it helps make it die faster
        it is working fine for me, I wish you the best in the battle

  22. Just diagnosed with a scc and bcc on my face. I’m going to try this for 3 months before giving in to surgery. The scc was there a long time before I went to derm. The was even a shadow running up from it. So im really nervous about that one. On the other hand, the bcc is right below my nose and the needle hurt SO BAD. So I’m not in any hurry to go back…

    1. I wouldn’t wait that long if you see the lesions growing or worsening at all. Do you have the blessing from the dermatologist to try the eggplant tincture first? I recommend that.

      1. I have been doing the tincture since June 6. Will continue until I’m satisfied its gone for good! It seems to be affecting a couple spots near the biopsy site, along the line of the shadow I mentioned.

      2. Update: I have used the tincture several times a day for one month now. The squamous on my forehead got really pronounced, with other little spots breaking open along the shadow line. They are all healed now. The BCC under my nose seems healed but will watch for that return (and keep applying tincture). I also had a spot on my cheek that the derm was not worried about but that never healed. So I applied tincture to that too. It also became more pronounced, and then healed! Happy about that! Vanessa, no I did not have blessing from derm. No way would they agree to such “quackery”. I have also been trying to treat internally, with better diet, supplements, apricot seeds, parasite cleanse, etc. Will keep everyone posted. My next appt is not until Sept. 24.

  23. I’ll let you know how it is working in another month or so. It’s too early to tell right yet, but hubby says he likes the lotion. I juiced several eggplants, and then cooked the juice down to a concentrated level and added it to a bottle of a holistic lotion I get plus the EOs. No matter how one makes it, it is important that one sterilizes their utensils and jars, whenever making any cream/lotion. I keep most of any creams/lotions I make in the fridge and only take out what is needed.

    1. I wonder if something is deactivated with the heating when you cook the juice down. I am interested to hear how this works for you.

      1. It’ doesn’t seem like anything is ‘deactivated’ in any way. In fact, cooking it down has worked incredibly well. I thought about doing it the way you did (in the vinegar) but I needed it right away and thought to juice it to get the main constituents out. Sometimes when you heat things, it actually activates the constituents – just like heating tomatoes activates lycopene more. Besides, if you think about it, the eggplant creams you buy on Amazon have cooked down the eggplant extract to sanitize it so it doesn’t get any bacteria in it.

  24. Vanessa,

    My hubby just told me to tell you that his skin cancer is about 1/2 gone after using my homemade eggplant cream for about a month. His skin cancer started out at the size of a small goldfish, and was getting thicker and spreading too, but not any more 🙂 Not only is this working in a short timeframe, it is also so much more cost effective (even with health insurance). I know because this is not the first time he’d had skin cancer. He had a patch of skin cancer removed last year surgically and it cost several hundred dollars to get it painfully scooped out of him and the hole sewed up.

      1. Hi Vanessa,

        Just an update…my husband’s skin cancer is now about 90% gone. So it has gone from a big marble size at the beginning to about a small pimple size. I think in about two weeks it will be completely gone. It’s amazing how fast this has worked!

  25. Hi! I just want to say this is working for me! I have a spot on my nose that two doctors said, “at worst it’s precancerous.” It looked like a pimple that wouldn’t go away. I tried aloe, I tried frankincense- nothing. As a last effort for at home treatment, I finally tried this, and after only two days, where there was a red bump is now a tiny black crater. The skin around it, which also comes in contact with the tincture, is not at all effected. I can’t wait to try this on other questionable spots and see what happens, and I’m so thankful to be finally getting rid of the ugly red bump at the tip of my nose (I’m on day three now). Thank you!

  26. In your experiences did the lesions appear to look worse before getting better? The few videos I have seen online show them getting worse before better.

    1. I have heard some get a little worse with the Eggplant tincture, whereas some others gradually resolve. As for the Curaderm cream, I think all of those lesions appear worse before healing.

      1. My tumor turned into a open sore with a scab on top
        It is trying to fight back so I boiled down some tincture to about 25% and trying it for awhile
        I like when the scab comes off and a hole is left that fills itself back in in time
        Be patient and diligent at applying 10x a day or more
        God bless your efforts
        With a Healing

  27. Thank you so much for this! I had 2 suspicious bumps on my chest after being out in the sun (applied SPF 50 twice and still burned). I do not have insurance and live paycheck to paycheck so could not afford to go to the Dr. Your remedy plus lots of prayer and both spots are cleared up. Thank you again!

  28. Hello Vanessa!
    I have a deep lesion on my upper lip and am waiting on biopsy results. What did you do about the spot on your lip?

  29. Hi Vanessa!
    I just wonder is it the must using organic apple cider vinegar instead other normal vinegar (plain vinegar)?

    1. I really don’t know for sure if using organic apple cider vinegar is a must, but it does have its own health benefits.

  30. I am very fair and spent my summers burning (blisters) on the North East Coast of the US. Not surprising, in my 30’s I started getting diagonosed with bcc and scc. I have had them removed via surgery ( d & c?) scraping it away and cauterizing it, MOHs, some liquid chemo cream, Aldara (had a dreadful reaction and still feeling the lingering after effects 10 years on! ). After feeling and looking like Swiss cheese and vowing never to use Aldara again I started to look for alternatives. I had advised my dermatologist who, surprisingly was receptive. YouTube had several videos of people who got ride of their bcc & scc with organic AVC with the mother. I soak a cotton ball with Bragg’s organic ACV, tape it to the spot…..every time the cotton ball dries out I would wet it again with ACV, even waking up in the middle of the night to re-wet the cotton ball. After about 6 hours, the spot would turn black…like a little black ball….some people mention seeing the root of the cancer coming out….I never have seen this. Only the cancer is eaten away by the ACV. I keep the cotton ball on for about 3 days, so I usually do it over a long holiday weekend. It stings like a bugger and gets very raw and aggravated…like a yellow puss and after about three days, I am left with a hole….but I would have had a whole if I had had surgery too. I decided to try your tincture with the eggplant and so far it is working just the same as just the plain organic ACV with the mother. I am not so sure you actually need to go through the process of soaking eggplant in ACV. I am seeing the same reaction with the eggplant tincture as with just the plain organic ACV with the mother. I am on day three of your tincture….and the results are the same as day three with just plain organic ACV with the mother. However, this time instead of using triple antibiotic cream, I will try diluted frankincense essential oil with either Myrhh or turmeric essential oil. The cost of ACV, cotton balls and essential oils are all cheaper than your insurance co-pay…..if you are lucky enough to have health insurance. Thank you for your posts and educating us !

  31. I have been using the Curaderm for about six weeks. I have 12 lesions on my face. Four were biopsied and returned as BCC. The others were so similar that the Doctor assured me that they too were BCC and one might even be SCC.
    He wanted to do Moh’s right away. I backed out. I have had these lesions before. About five years ago I had two on my temple and forehead that were as big as a dime and a quarter. They cracked and bled and oozed daily.

    I used the Eggplant in ACV and it took three months of daily applications but they completely went away. They have never returned and no scars are there at all. These newer lesions are not near the old ones. They are smaller and I am just sort of in the middle with the procedure.

    My problem with the curaderm is the extreme pain in the lesions upon every application of the cream and the removal of the tape that adheres to the sores. I repeat…the extreme pain! It goes on burning and continues to burn for an hour. My face throbs…visibly throbs with the pain. After a few days of the application, an infection sets in. it is a thick white/grey pasty puss that pours slowly out as I remove the tape. This infection must be treated for at least two days with a disinfecting surgical soap then a topical antibiotic ointment.

    Then…back to the Curaderm application and the nightmare of pain. At this time, four lesions are clear but I keep up the cream for safety. There is no pain and no sore left at this point.

    The vinegar solution I made before…did burn. Putting vinegar on an open sore burns. But no where in your comments did I read about the searing pain upon application. When you applied your tincture to your lesions did it hurt? Six times a day or so…was there pain?

    I am going to prepare the tincture as I have done before but add the dried raspberry extract I got at Amazon, a bit of Frankincense and a EMU carrier Oil. I will apply just the liquid several times a day as you have just to see if the pain factor can be dealt with. When it is ready I am going to stop the Curaderm. I know it worked before but I do not remember the acute pain I am in now.

    These alternatives will work, without a doubt, but it takes time and attention.

    1. Thank you for sharing. The tincture can sting a little, but the pain you are describing is alarming. I don’t remember Curaderm being painful except when I used it on my lips, which was a mistake that I wrote about in my article. Please work with a practitioner who knows what they are doing. You have a lot going on. I don’t advise you continuing with home treatment.

  32. I wonder if the Salicylic Acid or the Urea in the curaderm is what is making this fella suffer in pain after he puts it on his skin cancer lesions? He also could be allergic to eggplant (especially if he has an allergy to other nighshades such as tomatoes, okra, peppers).

    If it is a Salicylic Acid or Urea issue, he can try other eggplant creams (found on Amazon) that are competitors of curaderm.

    I had juiced an boiled down 3 eggplants (to reduce the liquid by about 90%) + 10 drops frankincense EO + 1 drops of myrrh annd put into a holistic cream (had shea butter and Mg oil in it, no fillers, no preservatives, no Salicylic Acid, no Urea, etc.) and it worked beautifully on my husband’s skin cancer lesions (he has no more skin cancer as a result of using my lotion mixture). Also I know there are several types of skin cancer. So I’m wondering if certain types of skin cancer react differently to the curaderm or eggplant lotion (if you make it yourself). There are 3 types of skin cancer: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC), Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and Melanoma.

    1. I had my comment written right before I saw yours!II used Curaderm (for bcc) for 11 weeks twice a day in a small spot in chest (btwn breast)and right shoulder. The spots started getting larger every day, so I would apply the cream in a wider size thinking bad cells would be covered.It went from like 4mm to 4cm in my chest. The pain was crazy after the application and during the day. I used Emu and Red raspberry seed oil to help with pain and healing but it made the glue from the tape(which switched to 3 different types because would hurt my skin really bad) melt in the wound. At the 11 week I decided to stop and let it heal. The skin looks fine but had like tiny rough scar tissue. I’ve been having some itching in both areas and would like to try the eggplant and vinegar(which now I’m doubting will burn me).Has anyone had that bad reaction with the bandages and tapes?With your special formula, did you cover it? Curaderm suggest keeping it covered for protection but didn’t work for me.. I love your formula💗

        1. Im sorry, didn’t see your reply before.. Thank you! I made the tincture and have been using it without tapes. Around 5 (3mm) red spots have appeared on my chest, (It’s working). I apply 2 layers with a. cotton pad and then a mixture of Shea butter, frankincense and Myrrh. I’m very positive that is working. Will update in a couple weeks. Thank you so much!!

      1. If you use equal parts castor oil with baking soda, on moles, they come off with repeated use of the mixture. Also works on skin tags. It’s an Edgar Cayce remedy.

        Also why not try the eggplant on your moles to find out the answer? What do you have to lose? We have to stop being afraid to try new things and venture into the unknown a little. That’s how Einstein, and others worked – they did things no one else did or would!

        1. I did try the castor oil/baking soda for a couple of months twice daily and it had no effect. Zero. So I gave up. Was I not doing it long enough?

          1. Did you put bandages on it so it didn’t dry out and flake off? The area has to stay moist in order to work. I just tried the recipe myself and it worked for me. Seem though like you really tried it for a good enough time to determine if it would work or not. Perhaps cypress EO would work on you where the baking soda and castor oil didn’t? I’ve also seen recipes with Frankincense oil with moles. Just search the web for more info on these. Don’t give up. Just try something else. If it works, you’re done. If not, move on to the next thing. Sometimes it’s like that.

  33. Can the tincture be used inside the mouth? Was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on August 16, 2019 and have a painful sporadically bleeding lesion inside left cheek. Only remedy given was complete removal or radiation. Hope this natural alternative will work but need to know if I can swallow this since this will be applied inside my mouth. You mentioned something about it burning the *** out but I won’t mind if it will cure me.

    1. I am sorry to hear of your SCC diagnosis. I don’t recommend using the tincture on the inside of the mouth. For one reason, your saliva would just rinse it off almost immediately. But the eggplant tincture wasn’t what burned my lips so bad; it was the Curaderm cream. That cannot be used inside the mouth either.

  34. I was happy to find your site about the eggplant tincture. About 15 years ago, my late wife of 40 years, developed a red spot on the side of her cute nose, that got worse, redder, until it became an open sore. A dermatolgist looked at it for about 2 seconds and cavalierly said he would have to cut it out, and do a skin graft. We were terrified. I have always had an interest in alternative natural healing and followed Dr. Johnathon Wright, Seattle, who published a newsletter. He had Curaderm on his site, and after reading a short article he wrote, I ordered it. We applied it several times a day (now I know its recommended twice a day) and we freaked out when it began to get bigger, redder, more open. We didn’t know that this is what happens while the Curaderm is fighting the bad cells. That video of the man showing photos over 79 days is what the process looks like. We were scared, but didn’t know what to do but keep it up. Like a miracle, after about 3 weeks, it began to close, healed, and left no scar, as if there was never the spot to begin with. Cute nose restored. Anyway, now I have two brown spots on my back in an area I never see (my wife pointed them out), I am going to attempt to make your tincture (not too good in the kitchen alone), and try it. I am interested in your method because the spots are in a place and where I can barely reach, and I don’t think I can apply tape and cover, which would not work to well trying Curaderm. I will try to reach it with cotton balls or a cotton pad to dab on the tincture. I will let you now how it goes. I think the contributions by your readers is very helpful. Ron

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