Primal Kitchen, My First Restaurant Review

As the freak-who-can’t-eat-wheat, imagine my delight walking into a restaurant last night that serves only non-wheat foods.  Who could have fathomed that ten years ago? Or a couple of years ago for that matter. Primal Kitchen in Culver City, California is just that place.

But Primal Kitchen is much more than a non-wheat, gluten-free place to eat. It has a delectable menu with, not only the usual (yet really not usual), egg/bacon/sausage fare called the Caveman Breakfast, but also has some unusual offerings such as Short Rib Hash and Duck Fat Biscuit with Egg Salad. Major salivating going on here. They have create-your-own bone broth with 30 possible add-in’s, as well as insane smoothies, soups, salads, and appetizers. In addition, for lunch and dinner there are other unique items just begging to be tried like the Chipotle Lime Fish Tacos made with grain-free taco shells, and the Bison Tenderloin.

I ordered the 5-Spice Salmon (wild-caught), which came with Parsnip Bone Marrow Mash, and perfectly flavored and cooked broccolini. I was not disappointed with any of it. The food was “hot and nutritious” (read above blog for an understanding of that humorous reference!).

Fast and casual, Primal Kitchen’s mouthwatering food is also non-GMO, has no processed oils, is mostly locally sourced, and is organic. Is this a dream?

My reason for being there last night was a health coaching mastermind group meet-up with about 20 fellow certified Primal Health Coach graduates. The reason why this restaurant was chosen is that one of its creators is none other than Mark Sisson, whose own two children opened the Culver City location. Mark Sisson is well-known in the Paleo/Primal world with his popular blog MarksDailyApple, and several books such as The Keto Reset Diet and The Primal Blueprint.

You can check out Primal Kitchens Facebook page here:

Primal Kitchen currently has opened in two locations: Culver City and South Bend, Indiana, with two more coming soon, one in the Sacramento area in Roseville and the other in Santa Cruz. In addition, there are yet 2 more locations in the works in Anchorage, Alaska and West Valley, Los Angeles. Franchises are available for any of you entrepreneurs out there who think this might be your forte.

Please, someone, please open a Primal Kitchen in Thousand Oaks.  I need this fare frequently.


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