Putting it All Together

Launch into this program with gusto, purpose, and resolve.

Your 30-Day Dedicate Project uses a lot of the information and techniques that I have successfully used with clients that I have personally coached. If you follow it with a good degree of consistency you will

Make this your Dream Decade.

Make this decade one that you will look back on with satisfaction. Many people are now looking back over the last decade disappointed with themselves. This is because they either blundered through their days without making goals (who can hit a target when they don’t know what they are aiming towards?), or they had goals and were not consistent in moving towards them, or they didn’t know how to propel themselves toward the goals, or they kept forgetting what their goals were and thus their efforts kept trailing off.

This program will help you get around these obstacles if you follow it.

Challenge yourself, dig deep, be diligent, and be surprised at what you can accomplish. Your awesomeness is waiting to be exposed in a greater degree.

You will be getting your Welcome email soon, if you have not already. Then for the next 30 days you will receive daily emails so that we can work on this project together. You can also get extra support from the private Facebook group.

Wishing you great success as you work on your health, happiness, and effectual habits for this Dream Decade of the 2020’s!!!.

Special thanks to Kevin Marsden Jr who helped manage this project with his invaluable tech and organizational help, (kmarsden.com). Also, thanks to Sherry Alcorn who helped with designing and formatting the handouts, and Tyler Campbell Photography for the 4 videos. All of your work is much appreciated!