What you think is as important or maybe even more important than what you do. It drives what you do. And it reflects what you are. Therefore, mentality is a critical piece of the puzzle when working on anything.

We are so forgetful as human beings. Because of this, it is essential to remind ourselves frequently of things, to refocus, to rivet our attention. Our default is often scattered thinking, lack of focus, drifting, and failing to remember truth and what is most important.

Some of the handouts will help you focus. Pay attention to these and use them often, especially at the beginning.


Refer to your My Why sheet frequently. Read your Motivations & Exhortations page daily, or even more often. Remind yourself of the focus items that you have chosen to work on. Bring to remembrance your goals. I cannot hammer this in too hard. Picture taking your hands and riveting your face, telling yourself, “Focus, Vanessa, focus!!! (Or whatever your name is!)

Stick to your plan, even if you don’t feel like it at the moment. Do not let excuses creep in as to why you can cheat or be inconsistent. Don’t listen to the lies you will attempt to tell yourself. Focus on the goal. Don’t deviate. Think with Manhattan Project Mentality.

Stress Reduction & Management

Dr. Ben Lynch says that when you are in a stressed out state you are dirtying your genes. Therefore, they cannot function properly. This adversely affects your body in many ways. Things like hormones, enzymes, cells, organs, etc, cannot function optimally. Stress lowers your immune system, wreaks havoc on your cardiovascular system, is hampering to brain health, and even causes weight gain. Plus much more.

So, it is extremely important to reduce your stress levels whenever you can, and to manage what stress there is more effectively.

Deep breathing is great for stress relief, as is exercise and adequate sleep. Having the right perspective is also important. Sometimes we look at life the wrong way.

We need to say, “Good enough” more and tell yourself to “Just smile and breathe”, then do it.

Optimism & Attitude

Smile often, even fake ones. Studies have shown even fake smiles have a great affect on you & others.

Use laughter therapy: Watch funny movies/TV shows, You-Tube comedy, read funny books, etc.

Hug more, as it increases dopamine.

Practice thankfulness and gratefulness.

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