MS in Houston TX

My son was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer, and I had been eating my way though his illness to change the way I felt. I reached out to Vanessa because she was close to my age and I felt she would “get me” and have pearls of wisdom to share with me. Plus the fact that she is a nurse (RN) cinched the deal for me.

I found her to genuinely care and was very knowledgeable in helping me with my life and health goals. I saw this as an investment in myself. She helped me fashion a firm foundation of healthy habits.

We started with Paleo but soon transitioned to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) to help with the flares, pain and inflammation. My fingers no longer look like sausages and life is good.

My son just went though a stem cell transplant and I am better prepared to care for him. I highly recommend Vanessa.
5 stars!