Awful Mono/How We First Came to Learn about Coconut Oil

Did you know…
…that an estimated 95% of adults over age 30 have had mononucleosis? Many of them had such a mild case they didn’t know it.

…that you are intermittently contagious for the rest of your life?

…that at any given moment 1 out of 4 adults you come in contact with will be contagious?

…that older adults present with the illness differently than children or teenagers?

…that consuming 2 tablespoons of coconut oil twice daily will reportedly effect a quicker recovery? (This one was personally tested out by my husband and appeared to really help.)

…that your biggest defense against infection is keeping your “terrain” healthy and strong? Things that weaken it are not enough sleep, poor food quality, stress, environmental toxins, and a sedentary lifestyle.

…that the virus is mostly transmitted via saliva, i.e. kissing, sharing cups and utensils, and standing to close to a person while talking. Note to self: Especially watch out for the person who sprays when they talk. And no more of those sloppy, wet kisses! (At least one member of my family will know what that is.)

…that it can take weeks, to months, sometimes a year, to recover. The acute illness usually lasts 2-4 weeks, but then the weakness and fatigue much longer.

Just about everyone who knows us knows that the “flu” we thought Husband was having a couple of years ago turned out to be mononucleosis. Darn, we would take the flu any day. Mono is horrible! Husband lost 20 pounds in the first three weeks.

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