Meet Vanessa



I am the salmon who has been upstream, who has swum against the current, and can help you on your course to navigate autoimmune disorders, chronic disease, weight loss, and aging gracefully.

Because of my own health struggles I have spent a many hours delving into research, searching for solutions. I have discovered many ways to promote healing, significantly support my health, and remain high functioning in spite of autoimmune conditions and other health challenges.

Do you feel stuck?

with your:

  • weight
  • joint pain
  • diabetes
  • indigestion
  • high blood pressure
  • poor brain function
  • an autoimmune disease

…and don’t know what to do?

Are you finding it difficult to live a fulfilling life with your current state of health? (Been there, done that.)

Are you frustrated with conventional medicine and its shortcomings? (sigh)

Do you  just have a sneaky suspicion that there are simple, effective, natural, easy, and often inexpensive solutions to your health problems?

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, better health is just around the corner, if only someone could show you the way?

Do you want to be happier, more productive, and to live LARGE, not in size, but in scope?

I understand and want to help.

As a registered nurse who is passionate about helping people become healthier and happier, it really pains my heart to see people suffering needlessly. I have had my own difficult health journey so I know how hard it is to live a productive, joyous life when struggling with disease and health issues.

Being a registered nurse is my second career; my first career was raising six children and helping my husband run his business. Now I am a certified health coach with ongoing training to be even more effective in helping you to reach your health goals.

In addition, my own autoimmune illnesses have further prepared me to help others. In 2007, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I had been feeling like I was slowly dying. During that time I had chronic, severe abdominal pain; foggy brain; skin issues; horrible memory; depression; and 52 other physical complaints. I know, because I wrote them down one day and counted them.

I want to assure you that better health is just around the bend. 

I know from experience that there are so many things you can do to reclaim your health and vitality. I deeply believe in root cause healing. Check out some of my articles and glean from what I have learned and discovered. Or sign up for my weekly newsletter to help you on your health journey.

Contact me below if you want to explore working together on your health needs. I provide a free 20 minute consultation with absolutely no strings attached, providing information about various programs I offer that will help you achieve your goals and to also determine if we would be a good fit working together.

To your health,