Food & Nutrients


Do you wonder what the heck you should be eating? Is there one ideal diet for everyone? And how is it even possible to eat healthy when you don’t have much time or energy especially with all of the food issues and digestive problems you have? Then you start wondering about other things like, is salt really bad for you? And what about sugar?

What we put in our bodies has a lot to do with our health, our energy levels, and our sense of well-being. Food makes an incalculable difference in our weight, our aging, our vibrancy, and our mood. Food and other things we put into our bodies is an important topic when trying to improve our health.

Plus, so much of life revolves around food. It is a daily part of our life. It is not only sustenance, but eating is also special time to gather with friends and family.

I have many years of experience with food issues related to chronic disease and the day-to-day living that goes along with it. I can also provide guidance for more complicated eating situations such as traveling, being a guest in someone’s home, holidays, and eating at work.

Find out more about nutrients, supplements, and how to navigate healthy eating in a satisfying way in the articles I have already written. Plus many more are itching to be written.