I am all about living LARGE, not in size, but rather in scope!

Why is it so hard to be happy? Is there anything you can do to be happier? How can Iife be enjoyed life more? How can you escape the confines of your shrunken existence? Those are valid questions.

Photo by Nacho Juarez, www.pexels.com

Happiness is a worthy endeavor. But it can be particularly hard when living with a chronic disease.

And there is even more to life than feeling happy, cheerful, and even joyous. You were created for a purpose. Let me help you find that purpose. Look out world!

I want to share what I have discovered and learned about happiness, enjoying life, being productive, and living vibrantly in spite of health challenges. You can start by reading some articles I have written related to this or even consider working with me as your health (and happiness!) coach.