Vision Boards: The Why & The How

Some people have asked me what a vision board is, and others have asked how to make one. I am no expert, having made only one in my adulthood. But I will share what I know.

Below is a vision board with a focus on health that I made 6-8 months ago. If I made one today it would probably look a little different, actually quadruply so if I knew a bunch of people were going to look at it.

Writing a blog can be quite a self-exposure to the world. Good thing I trust you all with my deepest thoughts.

Vision Boards are creative ways to express goals and dreams, to motivate and inspire, and to be reminders of things that are important and that you want to accomplish. The thought behind them is that your brain will be at work trying to make things happen, kind of like issuing an assignment for your brain to work on subconsciously.

Long ago I realized that the brain was working on things when I was not even aware of it. I think I may have shared this before, but this aspect of the brain is so amazing and has such huge ramifications for us, that it stands to be mentioned again. Let’s just say for insurance in case I never mentioned it before, and/or for emphasis. Anyway, back to the ever-processing brain. For instance, I would start a crossword puzzle during my morning coffee. I would get to the point where I couldn’t come up with any more answers. Then I would pick it up again at lunch, and instantly, I would know quite a few more answers. My brain had been working on it while I was folding laundry and doing dishes.  Another example is working on a jigsaw puzzle; working on it then coming back later and knowing exactly where certain pieces go. And when I start writing a blog post, often it is very blah and sterile. Then later when I go back to it words are just present in my head that breathe life and color and sometimes humor into the posts. A final example is whenever I have something daunting, a project, a speech to prepare, a paper to write, a party to plan, I just sit down and start it. I think about it some, maybe make a few notes, do a little research, then walk away and do something else, and sure enough when I go back to whatever it is, I have ideas that were not there before.  Some time after discovering this about my brain, I read an article by Jim Quik, a guy who specializes in the brains “super powers” talk about this very thing, and really confirmed what I had already surmised. This helped me be more intentional about enlisting my brains help.

One way is to create a vision board. To start off you need a blank surface. I used one of those thick, rigid poster boards. A piece of cardboard or a cork board would work well too. (I think it is important to use something stiff; a regular poster board would cave in and be all annoying.)

Actually, before you start making the vision board you really need to dream and scheme, and brainstorm what you want to focus on, what you want to accomplish, what your dream is, and what will inspire you.

Then you need photographs and words and pictures, which you can clip from magazines or print off the internet or wherever else you can find things that fit with what you want to stimulate your ever-processing brain to take on.

One thing I would do differently is make my vision board less busy. Less-is-more type of mentality.  Be more minimal. But it is what it is, and I like my vision board.

So that said, I hope that this inspires your creative juices to create something that will inspire your brain.



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