Why I Recently Started Chewing Nicotine Gum

Well, I did smoke for 10 years, ages 15 to 25, almost 2 packs a day. But I have not had even one hit off a cigarette since that time...mostly because I am have been terrified I would start smoking again, plus it was part of my success to finally quit smoking after trying 97 … Continue reading Why I Recently Started Chewing Nicotine Gum

My Bad Bout with COVID: What I Felt and Learned

The month of May 2022 became my Black Hole month. On April 30, Husband came down with COVID. Then 13 days later I succumbed to it. We both developed pneumonia very early in the disease process, and we were pretty sick. What I Felt This virus is "inconceivable", like no other flu or cold that … Continue reading My Bad Bout with COVID: What I Felt and Learned

Weight Up, Weight Down – Part 2

Are you on the right trajectory for your health? I was not, until a couple of weeks ago. I was on my new found gluten-free, dairy-free enchilada trajectory. And it was a delicious one. But maybe we overdid it a bit. Last week I posted the article Weight Up, Weight Down where I described my … Continue reading Weight Up, Weight Down – Part 2

Weight On, Weight Off

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, I gotta turn this ship around!", is what I said to myself a short while ago. So, I am going to be really vulnerable here. Over about a year's time, I started slowly piling on a few extra pounds that are not doing me any good. Besides vanity, there are some great … Continue reading Weight On, Weight Off

Chaga May Be the Boost You Need

Dr. G at the end of my last visit with him: "So, I want you to start drinking 2 cups of chaga tea daily. It has one of the highest ORAC values". Me: Okay. (While thinking "what the heck is chaga tea", and not sure for which of my 57 symptoms he was prescribing this.) … Continue reading Chaga May Be the Boost You Need

Finish Strong! A Powerful Motto

Sometimes I think that I must be the Queen of Self-talk. However, I think this healthy habit actually serves me well. One of my favorite things to preach to myself is to "Finish strong". I first remember using this exhortation 5 or 6 years ago when we were vacationing in Hawaii. We had saved up … Continue reading Finish Strong! A Powerful Motto

Too Much Fat, Not Enough Muscle

And I am not talking about a steak! I am describing the typical American middle-aged woman. Check out this accomplishable solution... ...strength training as expounded in Sal Di Stefano's, The Resistance Training Revolution. Revolution. That's an audacious word to use in your book title. But that was not what compelled me to pick this book … Continue reading Too Much Fat, Not Enough Muscle

Pray More: Using a Prayer/Bible Journal

"All I know is that when I pray, coincidences happen; and when I don't pray, they don't happen". This poignant, amusing quote is attributed to Dan Hayes. I have no idea who he is or where I heard it from, but I like it. Prayer is powerful and changes things. I know this sounds so … Continue reading Pray More: Using a Prayer/Bible Journal

Adventures in Reading – 2021

Join me on this adventure. I made a categorical list for you!  Think of it as more of an encouragement and enticement than a challenge. Although I do love challenges. Set a goal.  Mine this year is pretty ambitious. Fifty. Lately, I have been reading about 35 books a year. But I don't feel satisfied. … Continue reading Adventures in Reading – 2021

Important COVID-19 Information

Please read this article. I sent it today to my email subscribers, but because I believe the information is so crucial I wanted more people to have access to it.  (By the way, if you are interested in becoming a subscriber to my weekly non-spammy newsletter, you can sign up here.)Article from my Wellness Adventure … Continue reading Important COVID-19 Information