Autoimmune & Chronic Illnesses

My target is optimal wellness.

I have a chronic disease, actually more than one, but I don’t want that to define me, nor do I want to be limited by them. I believe in the body’s amazing, innate ability to heal. But the body needs to be given what it requires like nutrients, rest, and movement, and also remove what things are keeping it from the best possible health like junk foods, toxins, inadequate sleep, and unmitigated stress.

As a registered nurse and health coach I focus on root cause healing.

What the heck is causing your 57 symptoms? What is causing your blood sugar to be elevated? What could be causing your inability to lose weight? What may causing your high blood pressure? What is causing or contributing to the autoimmune disease? And what can be done to fix it.

A lot of healing can happen from simply making changes in what you put into your body, sleep habits, exercise, and stress management.

I was told by a GI doctor to “stop focusing on yourself and get back to work” when I could barely get out of bed. Hello! I had undiagnosed celiac disease and a heart rate that went up to 130 when I got out of bed to brush my teeth. I understand what you may be going through. It is not all in your head.  And there is so much that can be done to help your body heal.

I like solutions that are simple, easy, inexpensive, fun, and effective.

Consider working with me as a health coach or start by reading some of my articles written so far on chronic disease.