Can Catching a Cold Actually Be a Good Sign?

Imagine my dismay when I caught a cold after Thanksgiving for the second time in six weeks.  The first one occurred in October shortly after I gave a presentation to co-workers on how to stay healthy during cold and flu season, and telling them that I had not had a cold for almost 3 years … Continue reading Can Catching a Cold Actually Be a Good Sign?

Post-Thanksgiving 2017 Challenge Report

(sigh) Well, how did you do? I started out strong, but gained 1.6 lbs. Another person who did the challenge gained 2.4 lbs. Any of you dare to report your results? So, here's the thing. It's not quite the outcome I was hoping for, but it was a great learning experience. And, some of the … Continue reading Post-Thanksgiving 2017 Challenge Report

Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge 2017

Let's see who can avoid weight gain in the next 5 days.  Weigh yourself first thing in the morning tomorrow, Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Then weigh yourself again on Monday, November 27th. I will leave a post that day for you to leave a comment. No need to share your weight, just how much it … Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge 2017

Grab & Go Food Ideas for Travel & the Holidays

Paleo/Primal/Gluten-Free Grab & Go Food Holiday time often means travel time. This can be a frustrating time when you can’t or don’t want to eat any ole thing that’s edible. Just because something is edible doesn't mean that it is life giving. We should not have to resort life-sucking, nutrient-lacking food just to fill our … Continue reading Grab & Go Food Ideas for Travel & the Holidays

Quirky Thursday: What is Health Anyway?

First, here is a question to stimulate your brain cells. Can you think of a word with four Z's in it? The answer will be given later. Yes, there is one. I recently used it and was struck by that peculiarity. Okay, now down to business. It has been a while since my last Quirky … Continue reading Quirky Thursday: What is Health Anyway?

Primal Kitchen, My First Restaurant Review

As the freak-who-can't-eat-wheat, imagine my delight walking into a restaurant last night that serves only non-wheat foods.  Who could have fathomed that ten years ago? Or a couple of years ago for that matter. Primal Kitchen in Culver City, California is just that place. But Primal Kitchen is much more than a non-wheat, gluten-free place … Continue reading Primal Kitchen, My First Restaurant Review

Vision Boards: The Why & The How

Some people have asked me what a vision board is, and others have asked how to make one. I am no expert, having made only one in my adulthood. But I will share what I know. Below is a vision board with a focus on health that I made 6-8 months ago. If I made … Continue reading Vision Boards: The Why & The How

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain This Year

There are 61 days left in the year. So 1/6 of a whole year. Starting with Halloween and its candy-laden treacherous waters there are many indulgence opportunities lurking behind the upcoming holidays, parties, events, fatigue, loneliness, and stress. These temptations do not need to be your demise. What is your strategy going to be this … Continue reading Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain This Year

Transform Your Life!

A book review on The Miracle Morning: The Not-So Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8 AM, written by Hal Elrod I love experiments! I just started a 30-Day one 5 days ago. I will let you in on it now, then report back after 30 days. We will judge then how much … Continue reading Transform Your Life!

Hope for the Hopeless Smoker

Practically everyone has a loved one who smokes or smokes themselves. This post is for you. Quitting smoking is one of the best things a smoker can do for their health. My Story I started smoking when I was 15 years old, several months after my best friend Robin started smoking. Both of my parents … Continue reading Hope for the Hopeless Smoker