Health Coaching: One-on-one

I also offer a variety of packages for one-on-one coaching.  If you’d like to see if we are a good fit, schedule some time with me to see what big changes I can cheerlead and guide!

Due to the dire coronavirus pandemic situation, I am currently discounting my 30-Day one-on-one program for only $250!

I also offer 8-week and 13-week coaching packages. Contact me for the current prices.

To schedule the free exploratory call, contact me here to get started!


Your 30-Day Dedicate Project

(Not available at this time. Sorry.)

Now is the time to finally take control of your health, and well, your life in general as well. Coaching can make all the difference to your success in making changes.  

I am offering access to my top content that I have developed and used successfully with clients for a number of years. It is yours for signing up Your 30-Day Dedicate Project for only $39, which only equals out to be about $1.30 a day.  For limited time, I am offering this online program free when you sign up for my one of my one-on-one coaching packages.

This program will help you make the changes you’ve been dreaming about and help kickstart your 2020. Whether you want to lose weight, get more fit, reduce pain, have better brain function, enjoy life more, accomplish more, or improve your health in a variety of ways, this program is for you.

Just click the “Sign Up” below and you will be on your way!


  • Includes written content, 10 handouts, 4 videos, 30 plus daily emails, and access to a private Facebook group
  • Affordable health & life coaching
  • Customizable and tailored to your goals, priorities, and needs
  • Manhattan Project mentality (sign up to find out what this is!)
  • Will help you make lasting changes that will benefit your health long term
  • Challenging, but doable
  • Start-Build-Continue focus
  • Offers many health improvement tips/ideas that are simple, easy, inexpensive, fun, effective
  • Designed to help your brain latch onto new thinking, behavior, & habits
  • Free 39-minute coaching call for every referral you bring that signs up for this program

Still not sure? I understand your hesitancy. I am very value conscious and like to hold on to my dollars. Just know that this material that I am sharing in this program, for a very affordable price, is the same content, plus more, that I have successfully used with my one-on-one clients with great success. You will get the benefits of it for a fraction of the cost.

And I am a skeptic too. Will this really work? Yes, a thousand times yes, it will, if you put the work into it. But it is doable work, and it will not overwhelm you.

Plus, the program lasts 30 days, but is designed for you to be able to keep using throughout the year, and even beyond that, throughout your life.

If you need some help and guidance to make those changes that you know you should do (and even some that haven’t dawned on you yet!), I urge you to sign up today and get started. You will be glad that you did!