It is my deep and strong conviction that the human body has an innate ability to heal when properly nourished and cared for, and when deterrents such as toxins, junk food, and stress are removed.

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Diabetes: Part 2

Since this is a deeper dive into prediabetes/diabetes, you probably want to read the first article I wrote about diabetes called Diabetes & Prediabetes: Can It Be Reversed? But prediabetes and diabetes are affecting so many people currently I felt it necessary to add a little more to the above conversation. The first article covers … Continue reading Diabetes: Part 2

Beauty & the Beastly

It truly is alarming how many harmful chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. One toxic burden I don’t want to add in my life are the skin care products and makeup that I use. My body has enough to deal with already. Even though I grew up on Cap’n Crunch and Kool-Aid, … Continue reading Beauty & the Beastly

Mindset: A Book Review of a Must-Read, with Further Discussion on Reaching Your Full Potential

I have the book for you!   …since I am pretty sure that most people want to be more awesome. One clue that confirms this is the abundance of self-help books out there, and many of those are even making the best seller lists. My email newsletter subscribers got a preview of this book a … Continue reading Mindset: A Book Review of a Must-Read, with Further Discussion on Reaching Your Full Potential

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Working with Vanessa has opened up a whole new world to me.  She has guided me, encouraged me, and supported me through every single step in my journey.
Not only did I manage to get my medical conditions under control and lose weight, but I feel like a new person.

I’m much more confident and happier than ever before.

Frania N.

My son was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer, and I had been eating my way though his illness to change the way I felt. I reached out to Vanessa because she was close to my age and I felt she would “get me” and have pearls of wisdom to share with me. Plus the … Continue reading MS in Houston TX

MS in Houston TX

I’m doing so much better!! I’m in very little pain now… I’m so relieved and I’m so grateful for your help… it really started me on the road to healing. My heart feels so completely changed towards food now… I’m praising God for this wake up call… it was painful but in the long run … Continue reading LJT in California

LJT in California

I recently used Vanessa’s services to decease my sugar intake. I was having a hard time giving up my sweets and it was imperative to eliminate sugar due to a blood disease and to give myself every possible chance for a successful and long term remission. She answered all my questions, provided tips, recipes, and … Continue reading Mary H.

Mary H.