Healthy Habits

Those bulges and wrinkles plague you, your brain function is distressing to you, and you feel weaker than you were last year. You feel like a failure at making the changes you know you need to. The good news is that you can start making paradigm shifts that will help you look and feel younger, regain brain function, and become more fit and strong, as well as have more energy. Plus much more.

Dave Asprey, a health bio-hacker who has lost 100 pounds, claims he is confident that he can figure out how to live to be 180 years old! That makes me feel a bit like an underachiever since I am only shooting for half of that. I am hoping to live vibrantly to about 90 years of age, then drop dead quietly in my sleep. I actually believe that we all die on time, but I think we can control to a great degree the quality of life we will have.

However, health and aging well takes some intentionality, knowledge, wisdom, and action.

Lifestyle is to health and happiness as sun and clouds are to weather. And what you do consistently makes all the difference.

Ever wonder how to not live stupidly? How to do life better? Sometimes I feel like a really slow learner. I invite you to learn from me to save time, energy, and mistakes.

Learn about exercise, rest, sleep, stress management, drinking and smoking, consistency, life balance, grounding, and much more that can add to the quality, productivity, and enjoyment of your life.

Consider working with me as a health coach or start by reading some of my articles written so far on lifestyle and healthy habits.