On Using a Daily Planner & My Review of the Best One

My Favorite Daily Planner

I am a big believer in using a daily planner. It helps me accomplish more, stay on track, and focus on what needs to get done. I have been using one for most of my adult life, so I have experience with a number of them. However, recently I came across my favorite of all time, the Wyze Planner and I have been using it for five months now. After trying it out I feel like I am able to give it an accurate review and hearty thumbs up.


The Best Little Planner!

This 8.25″ X 6″ gem packs a lot of features into it.

  • 6 month’s worth of Daily, Weekly, & Monthly pages. This is huge for me because many planners only cover a two or three month period. This gives my life more continuity.
  • A Habit Tracker. I love putting all of those little X’s in each morning, and I am motivated to do better when I see what I didn’t do in such a tangible way.
  • Four Goal sections, 2 pages each. Great for dreaming and scheming.
  • High-quality paper that doesn’t bleed through with pen ink and markers.
  • A How To Use This Planner page in the front.
  • Such a great size. Big enough to have plenty of amazing features, small enough to travel with.
  • 3 different colored ribbons to mark your key spots.
  • An elastic band, either for book closure or to mark a specific page.
  • Each Day Plan page has an area for your hourly schedule, a To-Do list, a Note section, Today’s Priority box, and room to add the date.  I like to be creative each morning as I mull over the day (see below). Each page also has an inspirational quote.
  • Each Week Plan has a review of the past week, a section for planning the upcoming week, and a full page with dots “for strategizing, planning & other notes”.
  • The Month section has 6 two-page spreads with blank calendars for the 6 months. On the side of each is a block for notes, and at the bottom there are boxes for Monthly Goals & a Monthly Review.
  • Beautiful, quality cover.
  • There is even a small pocket in the back! And a Life Balance wheel to fill out!!!



My only criticism, in the beginning, was that there are no blank pages for projects. However, this mattered to me less as time went on because I found that I could use some of the blank pages from the Week Plan sections. Although, it’s still on my wish list to have a few pages for projects in the back. I will suggest it to the company.

So, if you are on the lookout for the perfect planner, try the Wyze Planner out. I happened to find it one day when I was on the search for a new one. I had actually spent 3-plus-OCD-hours scouring Amazon, narrowed it down to 3, and chose this one. I am so happy and satisfied that I did!


Why Use A Planner

So, why? In addition to what I mentioned above, using a planner can help you better organize your time, prioritize, helps you to remember to-do items as well as schedule appointments and commitments.  In addition, using a planner helps unleash creativity (especially if you make use of fine-tip markers and colored pencils!), and it provides a place to write down goals and dreams and a way to track your progress with them. I feel like I can free my brain up to work on other things once I write something down. I am not afraid of forgetting important items, I can organize my thoughts and actions, and, well, plan.

Some will argue that all of this can be done on their iPhone or iPad, but holding an actual book appeals to my tactile side, and to me it is just plain necessary to write and draw and be able to flip through pages.

I am convinced that using a planner is a worthy use of time, and that it is a healthy habit.

If I haven’t persuaded you by now to get your hands on a Wyze Planner, go to Amazon or your local bookstore to check out an array of others. There really are a lot to choose from. Then, if you haven’t been a daily planner user, give it a shot. 

And let me know how things improve.

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