Too Much Fat, Not Enough Muscle

And I am not talking about a steak!

I am describing the typical American middle-aged woman.

Check out this accomplishable solution…

…strength training as expounded in Sal Di Stefano’s, The Resistance Training Revolution.

Revolution. That’s an audacious word to use in your book title.

But that was not what compelled me to pick this book up. Rather it was hearing the author on a Health Babes podcast, “How to Deal with Weight Loss Plateaus and More with Sal Di Stefano“, which I recommend checking out, by the way. Certain things he said led me to believe that he had a great plan that could help me get stronger and lose 10 nagging pounds of excess fat in a doable way.

My book & my workout bands.

So, true to form, I bought Di Stefano’s new book, The Resistance Training Revolution. After reading it, I decided to try out the program he outlines in his book, enrolling one of my sisters to be my guinea pig partner. Also, true to form. And bless her heart, she is always game.

The book is divided into 3 sections.

  1. Part 1 deals with why strength training is more effective than cardio for fat loss, what resistance training can accomplish, the how-to’s, and how to get the motivation.
  2. Part 2 is 87 pages of different kinds and various levels of workouts to suit just about every need.
  3. And lastly, Part 3 deals with the food aspect for health and fat loss. Di Stefano is an advocate of what he calls, “intuitive eating”. Thus, if you want the kind of health book with meal plans and recipes you will be disappointed. Not me. I rarely make any recipes in those books (although as a foodie I do like reading them), and I never follow the meal plans.

Some Compelling Features of the Resistance Training Revolution (RTR):

  • A posture analysis ~ This grabbed my attention because I can be a slumper. On Day 1 my husband photographed my bathing suit-clad bod as prescribed by Di Stefano. These photos are to be compared to a new set that will be taken in 4 weeks as one way to measure my progress.
  • Other various helpful assessments are included, such as mobility, sleep, core strength, and gut health. I like the broad range. Health is so much more than isolated elements.
  • It includes a Total Body Anywhere workout, which can be done, you guessed, anywhere.
  • The RTR program incrementally builds, both in your approach to eating as well as fitness. For example, there is no all-or-nothing mentality. It goes along with my saying: Start – Build – Continue.
  • The book has a very encouraging, motivating tone.
  • The information is based on science and research. Just to give example, RTR teaches “priming” to prepare for a training session, instead of warm-up stretches, interestingly.
  • The appendix includes a link for training videos on the various recommended exercises. Proper form is important for avoiding injury and also to get the most out of the movement.

Di Stefano reminds us in his book about the problem of cardio and chronic dieting; we end up losing weight, but losing muscle. Then we gain back the weight but have a slower metabolism now due to less muscle mass. Not a good situation.

A little bit about the author, Sal Di Stefano: He has honed his skills as a personal trainer for over 20 years. This experience has taught Sal about many things that do work and don’t work. The majority of his clientele have been middle-aged women who have a notoriously difficult time losing weight, especially fat. He has had brag-worthy success in helping his clients lose fat, gain muscle and maintain this healthier state. Di Stefano also has a podcast and online training programs.

Exercise is not new to me. My mom and I would work out with Jack LaLanne on TV. I am sure it helped her keep her svelte Audrey Hepburn-like body. Fast forward to now. I am a Primal Health Coach and one of the major components of the Primal Blueprint is fitness. Fitness is so key to wellness; I am so happy to be able to recommend a book that I truly believe will help you not only lose extra body fat but also improve your health in a myriad of other ways.

An excerpt from my email newsletter on 6/23/21: 

This easy, interesting book delves into the many benefits of weight training, which is also referred to as resistance training and strength training. It discusses the hazards of current weight loss and fitness attempts that feature lowering caloric intake and performing a lot of cardio.  Di Stefano maintains that you can lose weight this way, but half of it will be muscle.

This is very bad news. This muscle loss means that now your metabolism is slower.

On the other hand, building muscle has many benefits. 

  • Burns fat
  • Strengthens bones
  • Faster metabolism
  • Regulates blood sugar 
  • Decreases insulin resistance
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves mobility
  • Increases anti-aging hormones
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves libido
  • Balances hormones
  • Can reduce chronic pain
  • Reduces risk for dementia
  • Improves anxiety & depression
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Lowers triglyceride & cholesterol levels
  • Improves sleep quality

Whoa! Hook me up!

Anyway, I plan to be rockin’ this resistance training plan this summer. I invite you to join me! You can grab The Resistance Training Revolution on Amazon here. Or better yet, look for it at your local book store. It’s an easy, quick read, full of nuggets to get you on the right muscle-building track. (And if you need some resistance bands, Di Stefano recommends this kind with handles.)

Let’s make this summer one of progress!


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Article updated 6/29/21. Added blurb from email newsletter.

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  1. I always like when your articles pop up in my feed–I love the way you write and always feel like I connect with, learn from and wholeheartedly endorse what you share. Thanks, Vanessa!

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