Bone Broth Diet Review

This diet was the answer to all of my dreams and longings.  Well, not quite, but I do really like it after completing the Bone Broth Diet designed by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci for the 21 prescribed days yesterday.  I had pretty decent results, especially compared to other weight loss plans I have tried.

I felt like a guinea pig embarking on this Bone Broth diet, and also persuaded 3 more “guinea pigs” to join me. Dr. Kellyann touts that this diet can help one “lose up to 15 pounds, 4 inches, and wrinkles in just 21 days”.  It also is supposed to be great for reducing inflammation and healing leaky guts. Could this be possible? The 4 of set out to find out.

Basically the diet is a version of the paleo diet, adhering to no grains, sugar, alcohol, beans/legumes, dairy, soy, bad oils, or processed foods. You mostly eat meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts/seeds. Oh, and bone broth. There is this bone broth component, 1-2 cups daily five days a weeks, and then fasting on 2 non-consecutive days consuming only 6 cups of bone broth each day.  There were also other elements to the diet such as moderate exercise, getting good sleep, and lowering stress.

So we all tried to stick to it as much as possible, and we did pretty well, just not 100%. According to Dr. Kellyann, if you slip up or deviate, you have to start over, but none of us did. Rebels we are.

One very helpful thing we did was to set up a private Facebook group. We all ended up using this a lot, daily in fact, to moan, to encourage each other, trade food photos, track progress, and to answer each others questions about how we were supposed to go about things.

Today I collected data from me and the 4 other “guinea pigs”.  Now mind you, the four of us all only needed to lose between 15-30 pounds to be at an ideal weight, so no one was morbidly obese. In the 21 days of imperfectness, one person lost 5.8 lbs, 2 people lost 7 lbs, and one person lost 8.5 lbs. Inches lost were on average about 4 inches total (just like Dr. Kellyann said!) per person. This was pretty good especially factoring in that most of us, if not all, have thyroid problems and are quite resistant to weight loss. We also saw improvements in joint pain and substantial improvement or elimination of GERD. Some reported skin improvements, although one person developed a rash and her skin worsened. One person saw a huge improvement with sleep; another had less congestion and felt like her mood was more stable.

No one really seemed to think that their wrinkles improved though. Bummer. (Update 1/18/19: I did see improvement with wrinkles after a few months. Gladly!)

In case you are interested about the bone broth fasting days there seems to be a mixed sentiment.  I for one did not really mind them.  I felt hungry at times, but then that hunger was soon able to be satisfied by a cup of bone broth.  On those days I did not suffer any lack of energy or brain power, both of which I had been worried about prior to starting this diet.  One person hated bone broth fast days; she felt awful, headachy, and no energy.  The other two seemed not to mind these days much. Personally, it gave me a new respect and appreciation for food, for at the end of each of the fast days I would be thinking with gladness, “Tomorrow I get to eat”.

Now comes the bottom line questions: Would we recommend this diet to a friend? Would we do it again? Are we glad that we did it?  Everyone more or less gave a YES to all of the questions, although some people qualified it more than others. And it sounded like most of us were going to pretty much continue with this eating plan except with less of the bone broth fasts and adding back in some of the forbidden foods occasionally.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a healthy diet that will given good, steady results, I highly recommend the Bone Broth Diet. I would even love for you to be a guinea pig. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

You might want try my Bone Broth Recipe.  It is really good!

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