Dirty Genes: A Book Review & Author Interview

What if there is a book that offers hope and solutions to your health struggles based on the very latest scientific genetic research? There is, and I am going to review it in this article! Plus add in some other good stuff. Like…an interview with the author, and an invitation to be a guinea pig.

And no, you do not have to get a gene test from 23andMe or some other DNA testing company to benefit from reading this book.

The book Dirty Geneswritten by Dr. Ben Lynch, is a game-changer. Read on.



What the Heck is a Dirty Gene

Dr. Lynch’s favorite definition is that a dirty gene is one that does not perform optimally, and therefore can adversely affect your health. He introduces the concept that a gene can be dirty because 1) you were born with that gene already dirty, or 2) it became dirty due to poor diet, lifestyle, environmental toxins, negative mindsets, too much or too little exercise, stress, and much more. So, genes can be born dirty or just be acting dirty.

To clean your dirty genes Lynch has a 2-part protocol; the first is called “Soak & Scrub”, which one does for 2 weeks (or more). Then, one can move on to “Spot Cleaning”, targeting the genes that are still dirty.

Dr. Lynch singles out 7 common, well-researched genes that have the most far-reaching effects on one’s health, and devotes much of the book discussing these seven. The Super Seven genes are DAO, MTHFR, PEMT, GST/GPX, COMT, MAOA, and NOS3.

Let’s just take DAO briefly, for instance. It helps moderate histamine in your body, but if it is not functioning well you might get headaches, allergic reactions, acid reflux, seasickness, a compromised methylation cycle, and food sensitivities. The book details the primary function of DAO, the effects of a dirty DAO, what makes a DAO dirty, foods to avoid if your DAO is dirty, key nutrients for a healthy DAO, and how to support and clean this gene.

The other six genes are handled in much the same way.

So Meet the Author

Dr. Lynch is a naturopathic doctor who lives in Seattle with his wife and three sons. He is the president of Seeking Health, a company that is devoted to helping people optimize their health. He grew up on a horse ranch in central Oregon, has traveled extensively, backpacked throughout many parts of the world, has a B.S. in cell and molecular biology, and even worked as a volunteer with Mother Theresa. In fact, it was in India where he became deathly sick, which started him on the path of learning more about natural healing.

Many experts in the holistic, alternative, functional medicine, and integrative medicine world consider Dr. Lynch the go-to-guy regarding genes and health optimization, and speak very highly of him. Just to drop a few of the names: David Perlmutter, MD; Chris Kresser, MS, LAc; Alan Christianson, NMD; Amy Myers, MD; Dr. Peter Osborne, and Kelly Brogan, MD.



Key Elements in Dirty Genes

  • A list of 39 common symptoms that can indicate that you have dirty genes
  • An in-depth discussion on each of the 7 Dirty Genes mentioned above
  • Assessments to help you determine which of your genes are dirty or acting dirty
  • Soak & Scrub protocol – the first step to improve your health
  • Spot Cleaning – further assessments and more specific protocols for each gene
  • 27 recipes that can be tailored depending on which genes need the most support
  • The Pulse Method for taking supplements
  • Lab testing suggestions
  • 14 pages of helpful resources

Various Impressions from Dirty Genes

The book Dirty Genes overall tone is warm, like Dr. Lynch is explaining it all to you as a friend lounging with him on a patio with a cool drink.

Not only that, he is a master at giving great analogies that describe complicated scientific information.

Lynch also has an appealing sense of humor, which I love. He is a little quirky too. So endearing.

This book was intriguing and straightforward. It focuses on the root causes of disease. It shares the belief that our bodies can heal and are made to do so, and that we are more in control of our health than we probably know. Furthermore, it uses a personalized approach.

Lynch’s plan seems very doable, flexible, and one that even a fairly tight budget could accommodate.

And yes, I definitely recommend it. To everyone!

Dr. Ben Lynch at a book signing

Interview with Dr. Lynch!

Dr. Lynch graciously accepted my request for an email interview. I am very grateful to him as he is extremely busy and in high demand.

Below are the questions I submitted and his answers. (By the way, I added the authors to the books Dr. Lynch mentioned, as well as the links to them, and links to the Seeking Health products.)

Me: Who in the health field has most impacted you, and why?

Dr. Lynch: Those I serve. Because I learn a lot by listening to others. Much of the work I do is theoretical so results are unknown. It is only through hearing how my work has influenced the lives of those utilizing my information, do I know if I’m going in the right direction. If I am, great and I keep going. If not, then I evaluate why and figure it out.

Science is only accepted theory – and a lot of it is stale. It’s my mission to optimize the lives of unborn children and this requires a lot of digging into the research, studying mechanisms of action and getting feedback from folks.

Me: What is the best book you read on health this year?  How about the last fiction book you read?

Dr. Lynch: I don’t often read books on health. I read published scientific papers. Most published health books are actually not that good.

Two books I really like in the health space right now:
Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols
Break the Mold by Jill Crista

I don’t read fiction. 

I read a lot of self-growth books. I love:
Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
The ONE Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

Me: I just reread your introduction to Dirty Genes. Would it be accurate to say that the opposite of dirty genes is methylated genes?

Dr. Lynch: Nope. That wouldn’t be accurate as most inactive genes in the body are methylated.

The opposite of a dirty gene is a clean gene. A clean gene is a gene that can function properly when it is called upon and not be overwhelmed by routine lifestyle choices.

Me: I hear that you have a reputation for being a kind and generous employer. What drives your philosophy as a businessman?

Dr. Lynch: That’s pretty cool.

The Golden Rule – treat others as you expect them to treat you.

I am kind and generous when people are pulling their weight, optimizing the people we serve and providing insights. I love it when people are independent thinkers and many on our team are this way.

I’m not very kind when people are performing sub-optimally. First, it’s up to all of us to figure out what is holding sub-optimal people back. Maybe it’s health, life stressors, or they’re in a wrong role. If we can help them, we can.

I’m also pretty demanding in terms of folks thinking for themselves and getting things done. If we don’t get things done, people suffer. We cannot mess around. If we mess around, newborns are being born suboptimal and with dirty genes.

Me: You mention scents being harmful in Dirty Genes. Does this include quality essential oils?

Dr. Lynch: It can yes. Some essential oils are pretty toxic stuff as the manufacturing processes are horrible. It’s very important to know how essential oils are produced. They also have a biochemical impact on the body so the right ones must be used and the wrong ones avoided. I’m no expert here.

Me: In your opinion, it is safe or advised to consume peanuts/peanut butter due to aflatoxin dangers? I have seen varying ideas on this, and personally, I love peanut butter.

Dr. Lynch: I hear you. I’d be cautious. It’s problematic for so many. I love PB as well. Sometimes I can handle it and other times it makes my bile like concrete in my gallbladder.

Me: What do you do for fun and relaxation?

Dr. Lynch: Nature. I get outside. Hike, paddleboard, kayak, sail, windsurf, travel overseas, read books, watch wildlife on the lake.

Me:  What are the top 3 things a postmenopausal woman can do for relief from hot flashes?

Dr. Lynch: I’m no expert here. Follow Dr. Carrie Jones on Instagram.

Me: What is your next book going to be about?

Dr. Lynch: My publisher wants me to write a book on ADHD, anxiety, depression, addiction. We’ll see.

I want to write a Dirty Genes Series – like Dirty Genes of Pregnancy; Dirty Genes of Infertility; Dirty Genes of Histamine Intolerance; etc.

Me: If you could only choose 3 supplements from Seeking Health to take, what would they be?

Dr. Lynch:

Optimal Prenatal with plant-based Protein Powder –  vanilla, because it is so comprehensive and easy to toss into a morning smoothie. It’s my daily breakfast.

ProBiota HistaminX because this combination is turning people’s lives around – including my own and my family’s. It’s so versatile.

Optimal Electrolyte because it’s foundational to people’s daily hydration. With proper hydration, we function. Hydration is not just drinking water – it’s getting water into the cells and Optimal Electrolyte does that.

(End of interview.)

So, I recently bought the last two products not even knowing that these are on the favorite list!  I love rehydrating every morning now with the Optimal Electrolytes after I dehydrate myself with 2 cups of coffee. Is this called yin yang? I don’t know, but I think the effects are great.

Update December 28, 2021: Disclosure – A few months ago I became a Seeking Health affiliate because I am confident that the products are high quality, and I use many of them myself. I do make a very small amount if you purchase from one of my links, but at no extra cost to you.


Being out in nature and hiking are gene cleaners!

Calling for 20 Guinea Pigs

Research fascinates me. So, I would like for 20 of you to sign up for a 30-day Dirty Genes experiment.

This is what it would require:

  1. Get your hands on the book Dirty Genes
  2. Read it.
  3. Determine which of your genes are dirty and keeping you from optimal health.
  4. Write down the specific plan you need to follow.
  5. Choose a start date.
  6. Follow religiously for 30 days.
  7. Report the results.

In addition to all of that, before you start, write down every symptom you currently have, such as joint pain, brain fog, rashes, acid reflux, insomnia, digestive difficulties, anxiety, depression, headaches, just to name a few. This way you can note improvements. I also suggest that you include any other metrics like your naked weight in the morning after using the bathroom, resting blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, and any lab results that you have access to.

Any volunteers? You can contact me here.

I started my own 30-day Dirty Genes program on July 31. So far, so good! I am already feeling better. (Three things typically happen when I start feeling better: my sleep improves, I feel like dancing when I hear music, and I get ideas. Oh, and my other 52 symptoms either lessen or disappear.)

Consider being a Dirty Genes guinea pig to explore the possibilities of your own health potential!

Excuse me for a few minutes. I feel like some of my genes have gotten dirty from writing at this desk for too long. I am going outside to water some plants, get some fresh air, and ground on wet cement and grass.


Ok, Getting Back to Dr. Lynch

His you-gotta-check-this-out website is chock full of amazing, helpful information. Here you can find a multitude of resources, endorsements from experts in the health field, a directory of trained practitioners, and a slew of testimonials from satisfied patients. He also has another website called Seeking Health which features quality supplements, courses, and help in analyzing genetic reports. Dr. Lynch especially recommends the Dirty Genes Course and the Dirty Genes Summit if you are really interested in understanding and getting a good grasp on this subject. Also, Seeking Health offers genetic testing, Strategene. In addition, Dr. Lynch can also be found in numerous videos on YouTube. I urge you to check them out as they are hugely informative. And, you can find him on Instagram @drbenlynch, on FaceBook @ Dr Ben Lynch.

And of course, get a copy of Dirty Genes.

You want happy, healthy, clean genes, right?

In Closing

Our health is bombarded on many different fronts, but there is hope. Following the guide in Dirty Genes just might be the answer you have been waiting for. I think this is one of the most important health books out there.

In fact, the book subtitle is, “A Breakthrough Program to TREAT THE ROOT CAUSE OF ILLNESS and OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH”.  I think that fantastically sums up the book.


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By the way, did you know that…

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