Cupcakes & Margaritas: Not Part of Stronger in 60

Recaps of the 1st Two Weeks and 2nd Two Weeks of doing Stronger in 60

I recently introduced a plan I created called Stronger in 60. In a nutshell, it is a 60-day adventure to help you become healthier physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

First 2 Weeks Recap

At about Day 10 I wanted to quit.  Why?

  • Boredom
  • Also, another plan caught my eye. This always happens to me. I will hear someone on a podcast or read something in my inbox where some health expert recommends such and such. And suddenly that something else sounds more appealing.
  • No rapid results seen yet.
  • Feeling regret. Why did I commit to this. It is a dumb idea.
  • The difficulty of drinking so much water. Prior to this, I was probably chronically dehydrated much of the time.
  • Plus, it didn’t feel like my movement of changing the worlds health was catching on.
  • And finally ~ Cupcakes & Margaritas. There has been a seemingly constant barrage of opportunities and temptations to eat/drink them, both of which I love. Most of these occasions had not seemed to be on the horizon, which just goes to prove that no time is the right time, as something will always come up to derail you.

Many of those feelings are pretty typical for me when I start a diet/exercise/health plan. And so, it is embarrassing to admit this, but I often give up or give in at this point.

Thankfully, this time I did not.

Advice – Plan on these hiccups in advance. Steel yourself. Surf the urge. Remember the why. Focus on the why.

Anyway, how was I feeling and what was I noticing:

  • Energy seemed a little better and steadier, lasting longer than prior to beginning the challenge.
  • Day 12 and 13 were pretty rough though due to anxiety and depression that came on suddenly for no apparent reason. Perhaps this could have been due to a release of toxins being dumped out of fat cells, the having to say no to cupcakes and margaritas, or just adjusting to a new supplement that my naturopathic doctor had just put me on.
  • My legs look a little trimmer and more shapely, my face less jowly, my forearms smaller, and my arms feel more muscular.
  • Not much weight loss, but a little in inches.
  • Overall my mood was better. I had felt more cheerful until Day 11, then the cheerfulness returned on Day 14.
  • Spiritually I felt much closer to God.
  • My brain function has seemed sharper.

As for Week 3 Recap and most of Week 4, currently

  • I am really glad that I am doing Stronger in 60.
  • My moods are more stable.
  • Less cravings.
  • Also, less cupcake & margarita temptations.
  • I have followed it so far 100% except for the next bullet point:
  • One day I was a little short of my 90 ounces of water. True confession: So instead of staying up another hour to drink more water (and missing out on important sleep), or trying to guzzle a bunch of water and become over-hydrated, I decided to count 8 ounces of some of the black coffee I drank that day to push me over the top. Hey, mercy and grace.
  • I look forward to my evening walk. It does not feel like a drudgery. My MO during this Stronger in 60 experiment so far has usually been to do at least 15 minutes of strength and aerobic exercise in the morning, then at least a 15 minute walk in the evening. Now, 30 minutes may not sound like much to some of you, but for someone like me who has struggled the past year with energy levels due to long covid, it has been satisfying to consistently get 30 minutes in daily. Some days I even manage more than that.
  • I feel a little smaller in my jeans.
  • I am making other healthy changes in addition to the 7 required Stronger in 60 tasks.
  • I feel spiritually stronger.
  • It feels like momentum is building in me.
  • The elements of Stronger in 60 are becoming more automatic.

Stronger in 60 is working well for me and I am enjoying it. Therefore, I am recommending Stronger in 60 to you if you want to lose weight, get more fit, grow spiritually, and make healthy lifestyle changes. It’s free, fun, and challenging! 

Stronger in 60 – My Alternative to 75 Hard Challenge

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