Decade Review: The 2010’s

I love the New Year, every year.  I always feel a sense of freshness, of new beginnings. This year is even better with the beginning of a new decade!     It might be good to take some time in the next few days to evaluate the last the last year and the last decade … Continue reading Decade Review: The 2010’s

Make This Your Dream Decade: “Your 30-Day Dedicate Project” Online Coaching Program

Welcome 2020!!! I just completed creating my first online coaching program and it is finally ready to launch. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to it. If you are looking for something to help you get this decade off to a great start consider purchasing this program.  I am calling … Continue reading Make This Your Dream Decade: “Your 30-Day Dedicate Project” Online Coaching Program

Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Essential oils have been around for ages, and they have been an important part of healing for centuries.  Not only were they used in Biblical times, but also by the ancients Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese, as well as by others. People have used essential oils for many ailments, disease prevention, for cleaning, and in personal … Continue reading Do Essential Oils Really Work?

A Way to Pray

"The universe is not empty." Francis Schaeffer.  There is a God who is there, who is good, and who invites our prayers. God left us some giants in the faith. We can learn much from those who have preceded us. On Sundays I like to take some time to focus more on spiritual things, after … Continue reading A Way to Pray

Goals Part 2: And They Finished the Hike!

"I was in heaven and in misery every day".  Kevin Marsden This statement sort of reminds me of the opening sentence in the book, The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...". But this idea can be true about many goals that we … Continue reading Goals Part 2: And They Finished the Hike!

Dirty Genes: A Book Review & Author Interview

What if there is a book that offers hope and solutions to your health struggles based on the very latest scientific genetic research? There is, and I am going to review it in this article! Plus add in some other good stuff. interview with the author, and an invitation to be a guinea pig. … Continue reading Dirty Genes: A Book Review & Author Interview

Goal Setting: Be Audacious!

Ahhh, Setting Goals Maybe you should make a crazy one, like hiking the 221-mile John Muir Trail (JMT). I know someone who did just that. Meet Kevin, my husband. So, six years ago Kevin and our brother-in-law David hiked up Half Dome in Yosemite. Prior to that they, with a few other adventurers, son Kev … Continue reading Goal Setting: Be Audacious!

Diabetes: Part 2

Since this is a deeper dive into prediabetes/diabetes, you probably want to read the first article I wrote about diabetes called Diabetes & Prediabetes: Can It Be Reversed? But prediabetes and diabetes are affecting so many people currently I felt it necessary to add a little more to the above conversation. The first article covers … Continue reading Diabetes: Part 2

Beauty & the Beastly

It truly is alarming how many harmful chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. One toxic burden I don't want to add in my life are the skin care products and makeup that I use. My body has enough to deal with already. Even though I grew up on Cap'n Crunch and Kool-Aid, … Continue reading Beauty & the Beastly