Surviving Daylight Savings Time Transition

The Beginning of Daylight Savings Time 2019 Starts March 10! Spring Forward is right around the corner. This is when fake time happens, aka Daylight Savings Time (DST). Fall Back is when DST ends and we go back to real time and are given back the hour that we lost in the Spring. In my … Continue reading Surviving Daylight Savings Time Transition

8 Ways to Deal with Sugar Cravings

True Confession Time I used to buy chunks of white wedding cake at Von’s grocery store, then hide from the kids in my bedroom and secretly eat it. I didn’t want to share it. This, and other high carbohydrate excesses, led me to weigh a chunky thirty-five pounds more than I do now. I was … Continue reading 8 Ways to Deal with Sugar Cravings

Bone Broth Recipe

Updated and Republished: 1/18/19 Bone broth is so nourishing and healthy. It is prescription worthy!  For one, it can help heal a leaky gut, which is very common for those with an autoimmune condition or other chronic illness like arthritis. It can even help you lose weight, reduce wrinkles, help with joint disease, and even … Continue reading Bone Broth Recipe

High Cholesterol: Are Statins the Only Option?

The Cholesterol Dilemma What to do about High Cholesterol! The first thing I recommend is for you to make peace with cholesterol and seek to better understand this friend of yours. Many people unnecessarily avoid egg yolks, shrimp, and red meat due to their cholesterol content. Scores of people take statin medications prescribed by their … Continue reading High Cholesterol: Are Statins the Only Option?

Toxins: Avoiding Them and Detoxing

What do Tuna Towers, plastic shower curtains, and wearing street shoes in the house have in common? They all can expose you to toxins. One healthy habit that would serve you well is to be on the look out for toxins in your environment, food, and the products you use, either to clean with or … Continue reading Toxins: Avoiding Them and Detoxing

Dealing with Breakfast Boredom

Have you been trying to eat healthier or lower carb? Did oatmeal used to be your go-to breakfast? Or bagels and cream cheese? Or maybe (gasp) a donut or sweet roll? Are you feeling deprived? Or just at a loss about what to eat? It is not hard to find breakfast items for those who … Continue reading Dealing with Breakfast Boredom

Play the Thankfulness Game with Me

Thankfulness seems like a fitting topic with Thanksgiving Day just around the corner in the United States. However, I am like a three year old when it comes to wanting to know things about life; I always ask "why". Thankfulness, gratefulness, appreciativeness. What is it all about? Yes, there is a game, but it is … Continue reading Play the Thankfulness Game with Me

Coconut Oil and Mono

Feeling Helpless Yes, mononucleosis is horrible. Not only does the inflicted person feel like death, but he feels like death for a long time. Just to give you an idea how ill Husband was, he lost 20 pounds in the first three weeks. I thought (briefly) about bottling his saliva for a new weight loss … Continue reading Coconut Oil and Mono

Cross-Reactive Foods to Gluten

"For crying out loud in the mud!"     I once heard one of my mom's friends say that when I was a child.  I thought it was so funny, that she added "in the mud"! However, this phrase came to mind when I stumbled upon a list of foods that gluten intolerant people may … Continue reading Cross-Reactive Foods to Gluten

Happiness is Doing Stuff

Happiness is Not Being a Couch Potato Sometimes the stress and demands of life leave us too frazzled and exhausted to want to try to enjoy it. Instead we flop on the couch to hang out with our friends on Friends and Seinfeld. Is this too often what you do? There are happier, more fulfilling ways to live; one … Continue reading Happiness is Doing Stuff