Chaga May Be the Boost You Need

Dr. G at the end of my last visit with him: "So, I want you to start drinking 2 cups of chaga tea daily. It has one of the highest ORAC values". Me: Okay. (While thinking "what the heck is chaga tea", and not sure for which of my 57 symptoms he was prescribing this.) … Continue reading Chaga May Be the Boost You Need

Astaxanthin: Shockingly Awesome Supplement

Somewhere in the far reaches of my mind I had heard of astaxanthin before but had no idea what it was until recently when I read an excellent article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola. It actually sounded too good to be true. Fortunately I have access to a great library through my school where I … Continue reading Astaxanthin: Shockingly Awesome Supplement