Quirky Thursday: What is Health Anyway?

First, here is a question to stimulate your brain cells. Can you think of a word with four Z’s in it? The answer will be given later. Yes, there is one. I recently used it and was struck by that peculiarity. Okay, now down to business.

It has been a while since my last Quirky Thursday post, posts where I feel free to write something that is, well, a little different.

What’s quirky about this post is that it is a conglomerate of 4 partial posts because today I found 49 drafts lurking in my website post box. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Way too cluttery, so I started deleting the lame or outdated ones. I got down to 28, and was feeling pretty accomplished. Then the idea struck to take a few of the ones left, throw in a little cohesiveness, and publish them as one new post.

Here goes.

Draft #1:

How does one measure health anyway?
Energy Level
Presence or lack of symptoms
Memory and thinking ability
Appearance, posture; eyes, hair, and skin (like dullness or vibrancy)
Mood Stability
Muscular Strength
Quality of Sleep
Lab Values
Spiritual State
Weight, body composition

Draft #2:

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am very passionate about health. Probably because if I wasn’t gung-ho about it I’d most likely be dead now due to various health challenges. So I have been diligently studying the matter and working on it for quite some time. I am working toward and waiting for the day where I will feel and look amazing.

I can just picture myself someday up there on that podium accepting the Glowing with Health Award, all choked up, chest swollen with pride, saying, “I’d like to thank Hiking and Zumba dancing, and Chard and Broccoli and all of the many Vegetables that helped out. And I don’t want to forget Good Breathing, Grounding, and Laughter, all of those vitamins and supplements-you know who you are, and Mountains and Flowers and Wet Sand. And a special thanks to my husband and family and friends who put up with me and assisted me during this project…I love you all”.

Draft #3:

(This is an old draft; I don’t even take guitar lessons anymore)
The song that I started two months ago is not progressing, much to my guitar teacher’s chagrin. And my own too, although I am getting more apathetic about it as the time goes by. Thus he gave me an assignment to read a book called, “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. A very engaging book that describes a phenomenon that all humans experience: RESISTANCE. To ultra condense it, Resistance is the opposition you get when you attempt to do something worthwhile, something creative, something good. You don’t get Resistance when you lay on the couch and watch TV for four hours, but start thinking about getting up to take a walk or visit someone in the hospital or write a poem, and the body and the mind immediately take up weapons and wide stances.

But Pressfield tells in his book how you can win this war against Resistance. About the only thing that sticks in my head pertaining to that is you just have to do it; do the thing that Resistance is keeping you from, like exercising more, eating more vegetables, doing something wonderful and creative. Pressfield also has a more recent book on the same topic called, “Do the Work”, which he wrote with Seth Godin that looks really good. (Who has my name for Christmas?)

Anyway, deal effectively with Resistance and Do the Work and your life will have more pizzazz! (Part of this line and all of the 1st paragraph came from Draft #4)

Bing, bang, botta boom!!!

So, here is a challenge to all of you bloggers out there: Go through your drafts, mercilessly delete the junkier ones, then somehow combine a few that made the cut into a new post, and publish it. Send me the link. I would love to read the results! It would even be a fun contest. Maybe with prizes…

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5 thoughts on “Quirky Thursday: What is Health Anyway?

  1. Red chard withstood freezing winter temps and is now growing well.

    I have to recommend roasting vegetables. Flavor sweetens and intensifies. Coat with olive oil and a little kosher salt and roast at highish temp till tender. Have done cauliflower, whole carrots, leeks (cooks quicker than other veggies) fennel (bulb cut in half), asparagus.

    And I guessed pizzazz. What a great word!

  2. There must be a few cells firing still since I guessed 'pizzazz'. Now, if I could just incorporate some pizzazz into my life ;)!

    I'll have to try the chard recipe – I want to stand on the podium with you someday!

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