Probiotics-A Quick Take

I highly recommend probiotics. Anything pro is good, right? I recommend skipping conbiotics and amateurbiotics. Kidding aside, what are probiotics, you may ask? Probiotics are good bacteria that live on the lining of the intestines and are responsible for important tasks such as immune support, crowding out bad bacteria, and improving digestion and gut health, … Continue reading Probiotics-A Quick Take

More on Probiotics, the Good Guys

So I got home from Whole Foods a while ago with a new container of Solaray Multidophilus, capsules of probiotics, which is basically acidophilus and some of its friends. I had mindfully protected the vulnerable little good bacteria (which is supposed to be refrigerated) with a bag of frozen brussel sprouts while I shopped. When … Continue reading More on Probiotics, the Good Guys

Quirky Thursday/Probiotics

I am really proud of my new pets. No, they aren't sea monkeys.  They are other little critters that I only need to feed and change their water every 48 hours.  In return for the care I give them they provide nutrients for me.  And I don't have to clean up after them. It's great! I … Continue reading Quirky Thursday/Probiotics