This blog is committed to exploring health. I want to know and do everything I can to achieve optimal health for myself, and share what I learn by sifting through what I find in my researching, distilling it, and presenting it to those who may not have the time or interest to do so for themselves. My hope is that you will find this blog helpful, interesting, and healthful.

However, right off the bat you need to know that this blog won’t help you live longer. I believe that we all die on time, when we are supposed to as ordained by God, but I also know that we can have a lot of influence on how much we enjoy our time here on Earth, how much energy we have, how much vitality, how much health.  However, it is not always easy to know what we need to do to improve our quality of life.

There is plenty of conflicting information out there.  Just to name one: If you listen to the radio on Saturday mornings you will hear supplement pushers touting the cure-all for multiple various ailments; but they are all claiming their one thing is THE thing, and they are all different supplements.  This cannot be.

Okay, here is another.  All of the proponents of vegan-living, hunter-gatherer eating, or raw-foods-only think they have the answer to your health. It can be mind boggling. These sincere people care about their health though.  That is a big plus.

Then you have on the other hand, people who don’t really seem to care about or understand health at all.  They pretty much eat whatever they want as far as processed, chemical laden, nutrient-poor foods; their only activity is to walk to the refrigerator; they go for a pill to alleviate symptoms instead of finding a way to regain health; and then they wonder why they feel so bad.

So, where is health found?  The human body is an amazing creation.  It is made to move towards health itself with a multitude of built-in mechanisms.  I want to emphasize this concept.  The body’s natural inclination is to achieve homeostasis or balance, which in essence is optimum health. We need to do two things to encourage this.  STOP exposing it to bad, toxic, unhealthy things like chemicals and pesticides, stress, and processed, fried, and sugar-laden foods.  And START giving it the things it needs to heal, and support optimal health like nutrients and life-giving food, sun, rest, clean air and water, and exercise. That is it in a nutshell, but there is so much to be expounded on.

Here’s to vibrant living!

3 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Hey Vanessa! So great that you are blogging for the benefit of all the people out there! You have helped me sooo much with all your recommendations regarding getting off proton pump inhibitors and anti-inflammatory diets. For the first time I did not get sick on my mission to foreign country largely because now I have stomach acid. I will be following this blog!

  2. And can we also address the many Rx’s the doctors prescribe to treat the symptom? While that same Rx is abusing your liver and or kidneys etc…..

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