Reading Challenge for 2018 – Part 2

Here is my reading list with 52 categories to inspire, ensure diversity and well-roundedness, and give you something to check off. You can print it out to keep track of what you read in 2018. I cannot wait to get started!

Reading Challenge for 2018

A funny or humorous book
A book published in 2017
A book written by someone you know
A self-improvement book
An historical fiction book
A book by John Steinbeck
A book about healthy living
A book about the brain
A book by C. S. Lewis
A book on parenting
A book on marriage
A book about World War II era
A book about Christian living
A theological book
A how to have success book
A book on finances
A book about business or being an entrepreneur
A book on politics
A book written for young adults
An autobiography
A biography
A book about food
A mystery
A romantic novel
A book based on a true story
A book by a Russian author
A book that was made into a movie
A book about a musician
A book about a famous artist
A book that takes place in Africa
A book that takes place in South America
A book that takes place in Australia
A book that takes place in the Middle East
A book about somewhere in Asia
A book by James Michener
A James Bond book
A Sherlock Holmes book
A book by Edgar Allen Poe
A book about a missionary
A sci-fi book
A book about minimalism or organizing
A satirical book
A fantasy book
A non-fiction book
A book that takes place in the Middle Ages
A book that is a classic
A book about happiness
A bestselling book
A book that has won awards
A book about your state or local area
A book about a controversial issue
A book about a sport or game
Suggestion: Keep a journal of all the books you read this year in a special journal, not just the title and the author, but also a note about how the book impacted you, a take-away from it, or perhaps a synopsis of it.
Stay tuned! The last post in this series, Part 3, will be contain specific recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers.

Happy New Year!!!

Also, check out Reading Challenge for 2018 – Part 1, which is basically the introduction to the challenge; and Reading Challenge for 2018 – Part 3, which has many specific book recommendations provided by my friends, family, and coworkers.

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