Vegan Cocoa: Why You “Need” It

It doesn't rain very often in Southern California, but when it does, it is definitely cocoa time. Cold+Cloudy+Rain = Need Cocoa Chilly days are also adequate for necessitating cocoa. And if the psychologically/emotionally satisfying aspect of cocoa is not enough, there is another healthy reason to drink cocoa that I recently discovered. Cocoa can help … Continue reading Vegan Cocoa: Why You “Need” It

Quirky Thursday: Chicken Feet

I never really saw that chicken feet were available for purchase before, at least that I can remember.  Maybe I did see them and my brain did not register it; after all, what normal modern-day brain would consider them to be food. Your conclusion is correct. I did buy some, as evidenced by one of … Continue reading Quirky Thursday: Chicken Feet


Meatza, in case you haven't heard of it, is the primal (or Paleo, or hunter/gatherer) version of pizza. A pretty tasty meal especially when you are craving tradional pizza. First, make a meatloaf kind of mixture: Ground beef (grass-fed, of course), egg, salt, pepper, Italian spices, and some almond meal (to replace bread crumbs).  Blend … Continue reading Meatza