Is the Carnivore Diet Right for You? Or Is It Even Healthy?

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To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 1

In case you have been pondering the subject, yet haven’t had much time to ponder it well, I thought I could lend you a hand, or rather lend you my thoughts and informal research on the matter. Maybe it will save you time, and possibly lead you to look into the subject more as well. … Continue reading To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 1

Quirky Thursday: Chicken Feet

I never really saw that chicken feet were available for purchase before, at least that I can remember.  Maybe I did see them and my brain did not register it; after all, what normal modern-day brain would consider them to be food. Your conclusion is correct. I did buy some, as evidenced by one of … Continue reading Quirky Thursday: Chicken Feet

Celiac Disease-An Overview

The following is an academic paper I wrote for a pathophysiology course while working towards a bachelor degree in nursing so the writing style is a bit stiff.  All I have added are subtitles for easier navigation, and photographs. Although new science has shed further light on this topic, I think you will still find … Continue reading Celiac Disease-An Overview