To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 1

In case you have been pondering the subject, yet haven’t had much time to ponder it well, I thought I could lend you a hand, or rather lend you my thoughts and informal research on the matter. Maybe it will save you time, and possibly lead you to look into the subject more as well.

First of all, initially I brainstormed and came up with 2 lists and added to them as I encountered more items. Then I looked to see what people in the health field are recommending. We will start off with the downside as well as the positives in Part 1, then check in on others opinions in Part 2.

Reasons NOT to drink Alcohol:

Hinders weight loss

Can cause lip cancer-I am trying to heal my lower lip from precancerous chelitis keratosis

Being a depressant, it is an energy sucker, can cause lack of productivity

It is medicating

It adds up moneywise

Can cause leaky gut or prevent healing of a leaky gut

Can kill brain cells

Can kill cardiac cells

Can strain or injure liver, cause fatty liver, cirrhosis

Increases risk for esophagitis, pancreatitis, acid reflux, and ulcers

Increases risk for certain cancers

It can be difficult to use control, limiting to one drink for women or two drinks for men

Depletes the body of thiamine, vitamin B1

Can cause hot flashes and night sweats in women

Can disrupt hormones

Interferes with some prescription and OTC medications

Has undesirable, dangerous interactions with some medications

It is addictive

Can cause distrust, uneasiness, and conflict with family members

Temptation to drink and drive, risk of DUI, putting others in danger

Not good for sexual performance

Can cause lack of productivity

Can cause facial flushing

The Bible warns against drunkenness

Reasons to drink alcohol:

For me personally, with all of my food issues, it is one treat I can have

It is social

It is relaxing

A possible stress reducer

Can improve vascular health when limited to small amounts

Resveratrol in red wine is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant

Can improve libido

Can increase creativity

Can increase good cholesterol

Can increase insulin sensitivity

Can decrease risk of mental decline with aging

Jesus turned water into wine

Conclusion of Part 1:

As you can see there are many compelling reasons on both side of the alcohol imbibing issue. This seems like an important issue to step back and deeply consider. Sometimes I like stirring the pot and encouraging thought on pertinent topics because we can get into ruts and become mental robots.  I hope this is joggling some nuts and bolts in your brain.

If you can think of any pros or cons of drinking to add please do so. This is certainly not an exhaustive list.

I invite you to check out Part 2 for additional information and ideas on this subject due to post tomorrow. It has some comments from some people in the health field that I am sure you will find interesting.

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