Diabetes: Part 2

Since this is a deeper dive into prediabetes/diabetes, you probably want to read the first article I wrote about diabetes called Diabetes & Prediabetes: Can It Be Reversed? But prediabetes and diabetes are affecting so many people currently I felt it necessary to add a little more to the above conversation. The first article covers … Continue reading Diabetes: Part 2

High Cholesterol: Are Statins the Only Option?

The Cholesterol Dilemma What to do about High Cholesterol! The first thing I recommend is for you to make peace with cholesterol and seek to better understand this friend of yours. Many people unnecessarily avoid egg yolks, shrimp, and red meat due to their cholesterol content. Scores of people take statin medications prescribed by their … Continue reading High Cholesterol: Are Statins the Only Option?

Cross-Reactive Foods to Gluten

"For crying out loud in the mud!"     I once heard one of my mom's friends say that when I was a child.  I thought it was so funny, that she added "in the mud"! However, this phrase came to mind when I stumbled upon a list of foods that gluten intolerant people may … Continue reading Cross-Reactive Foods to Gluten

The Freak Who Can’t Eat Wheat

You start feeling like a freak anyway, when you can't eat wheat due to celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or health conditions...   ...like driving around with family or friends trying to decide where to eat. Someone inevitably says, "Vanessa gets to decide. It has to be somewhere she feels is safe." The world-revolves-around-me freak. Or, … Continue reading The Freak Who Can’t Eat Wheat

Celiac Disease-An Overview

The following is an academic paper I wrote for a pathophysiology course while working towards a bachelor degree in nursing so the writing style is a bit stiff.  All I have added are subtitles for easier navigation, and photographs. Although new science has shed further light on this topic, I think you will still find … Continue reading Celiac Disease-An Overview