Resolution: Dejunk

Resolution city is occupying space in my brain lately. I always love the new year with its new beginnings.  One of my resolutions this year is to simplify/dejunk/organize more. It is then not surprising that I was intrigued to find a decluttering site: Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes a Day that just takes around … Continue reading Resolution: Dejunk

Quirky Thursday-Three Credo’s We Try to Live By

***A note about Quirky Thursday posts. These are posts that will feature not-so-health-content-rich items that don't fit anywhere else, but are hopefully either poignant, amusing, informative, satirical, or fun.  THREE CREDO'S WE TRY TO LIVE BY Well these Three Credo's are in addition to what is in the Bible of course. Not like they are on … Continue reading Quirky Thursday-Three Credo’s We Try to Live By