Frania N.

Hello, my name is Frania and I’m 32 years old. I have been working with Vanessa since January 2017.

My starting weight was 194 pounds with a BMI of 35.7%. My diabetes was out of control with an A1C of 10.0%, taking medication twice a day; blood pressure was high; I was anemic; and my liver enzymes were elevated. I knew I needed to start getting serious about my health and weight problem. But after years of trying many different diets including pills and injections. Nothing ever had long lasting results. I felt very frustrated and discouraged.  I knew I needed professional help.

After a few months of  following Vanessa’s plan I started to see and feel positive results. My diabetes is under control now. I even had to discontinue taking my diabetic medication. My blood pressure is normal, my energy levels have increased drastically, the anemia has resolved, and liver enzymes are normal. Oh did I forget to mention I lost 40 pounds!!! I never though I could do it.

Vanessa has helped me to set goals and challenges to improve my overall health habits by focusing on my personalized needs. I highly recommend working with her!