Squatty Potty, and Um, Bowel Health

What is a Squatty Potty, you may be asking?

True to its name, it is a small stool that tucks along the side of your toilet when not in use designed to help with your daily elimination, if I might put it delicately. Now for the not so delicate: it helps you poop better.

The Squatty Potty was invented in the garage of the Edwards family in 2010 to solve a family members problem with constipation. Just by changing the position of the body facilitated bowel movements that are easier, more complete, and faster. This product was featured on Shark Tank and picked up by Shark Lori Greiner in 2015. The company now offers 8 different models.The standard one above was photographed in my bathroom.

I recently asked a group of Primal Health Coaches on a private Facebook group if they use a Squatty Potty, and if they like it. Many responded. Most comments were very positive ranging from, yes they have one, love it, and it’s very helpful, to the idea that a such a device is great but they use something else to achieve similar results, and a few even stated feeling they are too tall to comfortably use.

Those that use something similar use things like an unused roll of toilet paper under each foot, cork yoga blocks, a large foam roller, and paint cans. A couple people mentioned that it is a bit of an art to use at first positioning their pants and such. Many commented that the squatty potty helped them empty fully and more easily.

Here is what a few fellow Primal Health Coaches had to say specifically:

Stephen Decker shared, “Yep. I got it as sort of as a gag gift for Christmas a few years ago. Jokes on them. I love it”!

“I love the one we have! We use it every day. 🙂 Yes, it does work. And the commercials are really funny!” says Melissa Emmons. To check out what commericials Melissa is referring to look at this and this on You Tube.

And Raymond Ko says, “I travel with mine if I am gonna be at one place for more than a week. And (with Squatty Potty usage) I also feel like my colon is not going to snap and am getting out a few more inches of the first cable being laid”. (Insert smile here!)

According to many, including,Dr. Joseph Mercola squatting is the only correct position for optimal bowel movements because when you sit to defecate the puborectalis muscle puts a kink in the rectum, whereas when you squat this muscle relaxes and the rectum straightens, thereby giving no resistance to bowel contents being released and gravity is unimpeded.  In another Mercola article on the subject, it is suggested that having bowel movements in the sitting position may contribute to many health problems. These include:

Cardiac Events
Colon Cancer
Crohn’s Disease
Gynecological Disorders
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Obstetrical Difficulties
Prostate Disorders
Sexual Dysfunction
SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

Those are pretty compelling reasons to shift your bathroom habits from sitting to squatting somehow, some way. Constipation alone can have serious consequences and adversely affect your health. And don’t even get me started on straining with bowel movements. But those will be a topics to tackle in a future post.

If you think about it, toilets are a modern invention; humans probably started out squatting behind bushes, boulders, and trees. But unless we are camping or visiting certain foreign countries this is no longer practical.  I, for one, am now a big believer in Squatty Potty’s.  Consider what a Squatty Potty can do for you! Join us squatters! And if you have been using one, drop me a comment and let us all know what you think about them.

May your bathroom habits be healthy, happy, and productive!!!


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4 thoughts on “Squatty Potty, and Um, Bowel Health

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Kenneth. I am surprised your kids are not fond of the Squatty Potty though. Two 3-year-old grandchildren of mine like it and use it as a step stool. I look forward to testing it on the others.

      1. Yes, my two year old granddaughter does use it as a step stool (to reach the toilet), while not designed or recommended for that purpose, it does work for light weight applications. LoL
        My wife uses it, but the two others 15 and 17 laugh at the thought.

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