Getting My New Year Game On! (Part 1)

I love the New Year. I am one of those who does resolutions, and for the most part does not keep them.  But it’s fun to start.  And I feel that it does help me make progress in some ways. I am planning on a few spectacular improvements.

One of them is my weight. This year I am going to be my own guinea pig for a diet called Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet, which I am starting on January 2.  It not only purportedly helps with stubborn weight loss, but also reduces inflammation and wrinkles “in just 21 days”.  That sounds like a good kick start for me.  Basically, it is kind of a paleo or Whole 30 type diet, except on 2 non-consecutive days you do a bone broth fast, just drinking bone broth.

Dr. Kellyann, who is a naturopathic doctor, claims to have used this diet for years with her client’s with great success, some of them celebrities in Los Angeles and New York. She also has a long list of friends and colleagues in the natural/alternative health care field, people that I admire and look up to, so with all of those factors adding up, I figure, I will see how this diet works for me.  It sounds compelling.  If you are interested too, you can order the Bone Broth Diet book here.

Check out how to make bone broth in my recipe section. In fact, this very day I am starting a batch of beef bone broth in preparation.


Just takes minutes to throw it all in!


And, I will keep you posted on my progress on the 21 Day Bone Broth diet.

Check out this update and book review: Bone Broth Diet Review

Also here is my Bone Broth Recipe.



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