Post-Thanksgiving 2017 Challenge Report

(sigh) Well, how did you do?

I started out strong, but gained 1.6 lbs. Another person who did the challenge gained 2.4 lbs. Any of you dare to report your results?

Frog giving thanks for the insect in his dish. Bonus, the supper on his head!

So, here’s the thing. It’s not quite the outcome I was hoping for, but it was a great learning experience. And, some of the weight gain may not even be fat; some more weight may fall off tomorrow, just water retention from eating differently. The best test may be that my jeans don’t feel tighter.

Anyway, life is all about learning. Now we can be better armed to have better success for that holiday party weekend, Christmas weekend, New Year’s weekend, as well as all the shopping and other festivities that come with their food temptation land mines.

First, here are the BIG 8 holiday hazards we may stumble on:
*Too many carbs
*Too much alcohol
*Too much sedentary time from long travel times or sitting around visiting
*Too much grazing, eating all day instead of 3 distinct meals
*Huge portions
*Meals devoid of our usual vegetable portions
*Too much sugar
*Too much variety (one usually eats more when there is more variety)

Next, how to get back on track Jack, after a time of junky eating:
*Do a bone broth fast for 1 or 2 meals, or maybe all day. It really isn’t very hard
to do. Check out Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet book. Also, I did a blog about me
and 4 friends who experimented with this diet and had very good results. Even if
you don’t do the 21-day program, mini bone broth fasts are great for resets, gut
healing, and much more.
*Make a vegetable soup. Fill up on that and some quality protein for the next few
days. Instant Pot’s are great for making soups and many other nourishing meals.
*Avoid muumuu’s, yoga pants, and anything else loose at the waist that won’t be
a constant reminder that you are expanding.  I have my jeans on now!
*Add in some activity and movement.

Finally, come up with your holiday strategy and stick to it. See my post Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain This Year for some ideas.

That all being said: It is time for you. Come on. Fess up.  How did you do with the Thanksgiving 2017 Challenge?


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