Having a Health Coach

Did you know that National Health and Wellness Coach Recognition Week is almost over? Yep. Tomorrow.

I did not know until last week that this special week even existed.  But it does. Congress declared it.

To honor this week I thought I would do a little post on the benefits of having a health coach. Technically I have been a health coach for almost 12 years ago when I became a registered nurse, but more recently, one year ago, I specifically became trained and certified as a Primal Health Coach. That makes me more official.




So, why is it beneficial to have a personal health coach? Four things come to my mind.

1. The MOTIVATION piece: Good health coaches instinctively know and/or have learned how to motivate people to achieve desired results. Meg Jordan say in her book, How to Be a Health Coach, that a health coach can help the client discover inner resources, discover and help remove barriers that are getting in the way of progress, can build upon strengths, can identify support systems, and can help the client achieve “ah-ha” moments that promote progress toward goals, thereby unlocking a person’s potential. According to Jordan, the International Coaching Federation reported that 98% of health coaching clients say that having a health coach was worth the expense and was a positive decision.

2. The INFORMATION piece: A health coach has more training, education, skill, practice and knowledge in various areas of their expertise such as diet, fitness, weight loss, chronic disease, anti-aging, and disease prevention.  They have invested time and money to attain information and experience that can benefit their clients. Knowledge is power, so providing proper information to the client empowers them to make wise, substantial changes to their well-being.

3. The MONEY piece: Often times money is a motivating factor to clients.  Many coaches have done both health coaching for a fee as well as for free.  Most, by far, say that more success comes from the clients who have paid for the services. My Facebook group of health coaches, from experience,  think this is because more is at stake and the client takes it more seriously if they are financially invested in it.

4. The ACCOUNTABILITY piece: Let’s face it.  When you have someone looking over your shoulder you tend to perform better, stick to plan, dig down deep, and be more tenacious, especially when the going gets rough and you feel like quitting. Encouragement is so powerful, but so is guidance with a little pressure and prodding.

In case you are interested in finding a health coach contact me to see if I would be a good fit for you.


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