Hello Wellness Adventure, Good-bye Flipside Health

I have been in labor since April. Today I just gave birth to Wellness Adventure, my new website devoted to a health revolution and inspiring people to live their own wellness adventure, to become the healthiest version of themselves possible.

I named it Wellness Adventure because Vigor Adventure was already taken. (Just kidding). But seriously, wellness speaks of health and vitality, and adventure is a word that has the connotation of a quest, exploring the unknown, a journey, and an exciting activity. Sounds compelling to me. Both wellness and adventure are things I want to be a part of myself, as well as bring others along with me.

Some of you are familiar with my blog Flipside Health that focused on distilling and disseminating information on health with a natural and alternative bent, flavored with a little fun and quirkiness. All of those blog posts have been rolled into this new website.

Why the change you may ask? It seems like most people are struggling with at least one health issue, and some people have many. Plus chronic diseases are on the rise. When I finished my bachelor degree in nursing last December it just seemed logical to keep learning so I got certified as a Primal Health Coach and enrolled in other pertinent courses. This new website will take a deeper dive into health and focuses more on health coaching.

My desire is to do what I can to help you to have HOPE, HEALTH, and HAPPINESS.

Greater awesomeness awaits you!

6 thoughts on “Hello Wellness Adventure, Good-bye Flipside Health

  1. Congratulations, Vanessa. Do you know the 4 parts of “adventure”? 1) it’s something you’ve never done before, 2) it might be a little scary, 3) you could get hurt, and 4) it should be fun

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