“Burn Fat, Beat Cravings, and Drop 20 Pounds in 40 Days”

These are the words on the cover of The Wild Diet by Abel James.  And what you are reading now is another book review. This book may be a game changer though. So stop reading now if you want to remain pudgy, hungry, and continue to go on and off diets rarely making progress.

The author of this yet-another-version-of-Paleo, Abel James, not only walks the talk, but also looks very fit and healthy. Compelling Point #1.

He starts his book off with a chapter about how we have been made sick and fat by eating things that have only been part of our diet more recently such as processed foods, GMO’s, chemical and pesticide-laden foods, and massive amounts of sugar. This has become pretty standard for Paleo diet books, so good reminder but (yawn) I was eager to get past that to the good stuff.

James says of himself, “I’m just a regular guy who has spent the last decade obsessing about nutrition and fitness so you don’t have to”. He builds on that by adding that to lose weight you do not have to give up some of your favorite foods like wine, coffee, dessert, bacon, and butter; and that he will show you how to burn fat faster doing less exercise with things like The 7-Minute Wild Workout. Compelling Point #2.

Nicknamed the Fat-Burning Man, Abel James is full of passion for health and has a great sense of humor that is sprinkled throughout his 370 page book, 138 of which are tasty looking recipes. This also tends to be a pretty standard fare for diet books, but his actually look like ones I want to try.  Compelling Point #3.

I bought The Wild Diet book after hearing Abel on a podcast talking about dramatic results he has gotten not only with himself in terms of weight loss and health improvements, but also with many others. His approach sounded easy, doable, and fun even. Compelling Point #4. So I added another Paleo book to my collection.

A.J. is a big advocate of what he calls “fasting & feasting”, a cyclical way of eating that has been more the natural way of eating for many people until fairly recently. He helpfully expounds why this way of eating is healthful. Compelling Point #5. Interestingly and surprisingly, his version of fasting is not a water-only one, but rather more like undereating some meals, with low carb, low calorie, light foods. I think I can work with that. Compelling Point #6.

Compelling Point #7: The plan is not just for 21 days or 30 days, but a way of eating that can be done for life; The Wild Diet seems great if you want to avoid the diet mentality where you deprive yourself for X amount of days or X amount of pounds to be lost.

There is even a small section on how to feed your dog Wild-style with six recipes and quite a number of dog-feeding tips . However, I am not giving this a compelling point because I do not currently have a dog. Hey, its my blog.

The Wild Diet, Compelling Point #8, seems to fit all of my criteria that a great plan should have:

*Great success rate, great results
*Sustainable-able to continue as a lifestyle
*Fits in with family and work life
*Highly nutritious
*Includes fitness
*Author looks slender, fit, and healthy
*Does not tax the body negatively, i.e. adrenals and thyroid

So, the timing of eating is important, as is the quality of food, as well as exercise. James adds to this lifestyle elements that are also crucial. Compelling Point #9.

In closing and in summing up, what draws me the most to The Wild Diet is that it is a common sense eating plan that promises rapid results achieved by eating real and delicious food, with a moderate amount of exercise thrown in, that is doable, sustainable, and health-promoting.

I signed myself up to be a Wild Diet guinea pig. Where? No where, just in my own brain. Started yesterday. (Join me. C’mon, you know you want to try it!) Abel James encourages one to stick to the diet for at least 40 days stating that the “rapid progress will motivate you”. So I will report back then. Wishing you wildness!



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