Dealing with Breakfast Boredom

Have you been trying to eat healthier or lower carb? Did oatmeal used to be your go-to breakfast? Or bagels and cream cheese? Or maybe (gasp) a donut or sweet roll? Are you feeling deprived? Or just at a loss about what to eat? It is not hard to find breakfast items for those who … Continue reading Dealing with Breakfast Boredom

Grab & Go Food Ideas for Travel & Busy Times

Paleo/Primal/Gluten-Free Grab & Go Food Holiday time often means travel time. This can be a frustrating time when you can’t or don’t want to eat any ole' thing that’s edible. Just because something is edible doesn't mean that it is life-giving. We should not have to resort life-sucking, nutrient-lacking food just to fill our bellies, … Continue reading Grab & Go Food Ideas for Travel & Busy Times

Is Salt Really Bad for You?

Hello, My Name is Vanessa, and I am a ... Anyone who knows me very well would call me a salt-aholic. I unabashedly admit to it, but prefer to consider myself a salt connoisseur. I carry a saltshaker with pink Himalayan salt in my lunch bag to work every day and it is always plateside … Continue reading Is Salt Really Bad for You?

Paleo/Primal Dinner Ideas

My Go-To Meal: Roasted chicken is one of the meals I make the most frequently. It is so easy and delicious. Salt the chicken front and back, then bake at 375 degrees for about 1.5 hours. Save the carcass for bone broth. How nice of her to pose for me!   Below are some other ideas … Continue reading Paleo/Primal Dinner Ideas

Quick Meal #1-Super Entree Salad

Quick meals are an important food skill to learn in order to eat nutritiously, otherwise it is just too tempting to start stocking up on frozen processed meals, eat junk food, or drive to the nearest fast food joint. There are a few different basic meals that are versatile and delicious. Meet Super Entree Salad … Continue reading Quick Meal #1-Super Entree Salad