Importance of Exercise

Exercise is the topic for today. You know it's good for you. So, why don’t some of us make time for it? Let me try to inspire you with 29 reasons I came up with. Nice prime number. Why exercise: Enables you to climb stairs without looking sweaty and out of breath Reduces stress - … Continue reading Importance of Exercise

Paleo f(x): Communing with My Tribe

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Paleo f(x), the largest Paleo/Primal conference in the country, which took place in Austin, Texas. As some of you know, by necessity due to health issues, I cannot eat gluten, dairy, and most other grains. When I stumbled across the Paleo/Primal movement about eight years I didn't … Continue reading Paleo f(x): Communing with My Tribe

The Importance of Sleep

Going to bed and going to sleep every night seems like a very indulgent thing to do, in my mind at least. We change our clothes (or take them off), perhaps shower or bathe, lay down in bed, close our eyes, and check out of life. Every night, for like 7-8 hours. And we get … Continue reading The Importance of Sleep

To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 2

I actually did not really like breaking this blog into Parts 1 & 2, but felt I had to due to the length.  I don't think they stand alone well, so if you missed Part 1, I encourage you to read it. So, anyway, let's launch into Part 2! What some health gurus say about … Continue reading To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 2

Grounding or Earthing

Have you ever heard of either? Neither had I until a few months ago.  Grounding and earthing are synonymous terms. What is Grounding or Earthing? It supposedly happens when you walk barefoot (or with leather soles) on dirt, sand, concrete, rocks, and grass. It is all about connecting to the Earth's surface with barefeet, or … Continue reading Grounding or Earthing