Eggplant Tincture for Skin Cancer

Say what? Homemade eggplant tincture is something you may want to try if you have been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or a precancerous condition called actinic keratosis. No kidding. I told my dermatologist about this and he asked me for the recipe.  Three months earlier he had wanted to biopsy a … Continue reading Eggplant Tincture for Skin Cancer

Quirky Thursday-Eating Termites

I have 3 adorable sisters, one of whom is always trying to push me out of my comfort zone.  She recently pushed me out of a boat because I was hesitating getting in the water. Imagine my glee recently when I discovered an opportunity to push her out of her comfort zone. Those of you … Continue reading Quirky Thursday-Eating Termites

Bone Broth Diet Review

This diet was the answer to all of my dreams and longings.  Well, not quite, but I do really like it after completing the Bone Broth Diet designed by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci for the 21 prescribed days yesterday.  I had pretty decent results, especially compared to other weight loss plans I have tried. I felt … Continue reading Bone Broth Diet Review

Getting My New Year’s Game on (Part 2)

So, as my previous post stated, one of my New Year's resolutions is weight loss.  I know, how original. Another resolution this year is de-junking. I am starting today with clothes. Clothes clutter is awful. It will drag you down, seriously. I have always been intrigued by minimalism, but not much about me resembles it, … Continue reading Getting My New Year’s Game on (Part 2)

Getting My New Year Game On! (Part 1)

I love the New Year. I am one of those who does resolutions, and for the most part does not keep them.  But it's fun to start.  And I feel that it does help me make progress in some ways. I am planning on a few spectacular improvements. One of them is my weight. This year … Continue reading Getting My New Year Game On! (Part 1)


Why is it so hard to be happy?  I asked myself that question a number of months ago.  Like one morning you could wake up feeling happy, and then before you know it someone or something spoils it all. Some wee or gargantuan happiness-killer always seems to be lurking just around the corner ready to … Continue reading Happiness

To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 2

I actually did not really like breaking this blog into Parts 1 & 2, but felt I had to due to the length.  I don't think they stand alone well, so if you missed Part 1, I encourage you to read it. So, anyway, let's launch into Part 2! What some health gurus say about … Continue reading To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 2

To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 1

In case you have been pondering the subject, yet haven’t had much time to ponder it well, I thought I could lend you a hand, or rather lend you my thoughts and informal research on the matter. Maybe it will save you time, and possibly lead you to look into the subject more as well. … Continue reading To Drink or Not to Drink: Part 1