Make This Your Dream Decade: “Your 30-Day Dedicate Project” Online Coaching Program

Welcome 2020!!!

I just completed creating my first online coaching program and it is finally ready to launch. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to it.

If you are looking for something to help you get this decade off to a great start consider purchasing this program.  I am calling it “Your 30-Day Dedicate Project“.

Here is why I chose this awkward, mouthful of a name:
Your” because it is meant to be individualized and customizable, as we are all unique, and a cookie-cutter approach may not adequately meet your needs.  “30-Day Dedicate” because I will lead you through 30 days of email support to help you begin to build better habits and make important changes to your health and well-being. “Project” cause I borrowed ideas from the Manhattan Project and I want to inspire you with this mentality.

I created this program because I wanted a coaching program that I could offer to people that is affordable for most budgets. Your 30-Day Dedicate Project will help you accomplish the goals most important to you, things like becoming more fit, better sleep, more happiness, weight loss, lowering cholesterol or blood sugar levels, and much more.

Elements of this program include 32 daily emails, access to a private FB group, and program content which includes written instructions, 4 videos, and 10 printable handouts. And of course, some humor and fun thrown in now & then.

The program lasts 30 days, but is designed to be continued indefinitely. After all, this is one of its motto’s:
Start – Build – Continue

I plan on becoming healthier and younger in 2020. How about you? I urge you to join the journey with me. You will be glad you did!

True Confession: Getting this program ready really affected good habits that I had already established. Exercise went out the door, for one.  So, I will be jumping on with you. I know it works; I have seen it that works.

It only costs $39, but from now until January 11, it is on sale for $29. You can go to the link below to sign up:


Here’s to your Dream Decade 2020,

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